Transfer Instructions (a DotCom Online website) transfers all domain names we sell directly to your domain name account at no additional charge for transfer fees.  All domain name transfers are made within 8 hours, typically within 2 to 3 hours if we receive payment and your transfer info during daylight hours. 

The summary below details all info you’ll need to know about the domain name transfer process after the sale.

Registrar Used:

What You Will Need:  A domain name account of your own.  If you don’t have one already, visit at and click on the “Create Account” link at the top left-center of Godaddy’s home page.  The “Create Account” link is located right of Godaddy’s phone number and left of the account login area.

What We Will Need:  In order for us to make the transfer of any domain name you purchase from and DotCom Online, we’ll need 2 items of information from you (see below) regarding your domain name account:

  1. Your Godaddy account number
  2. The email address you use for your account

This is the only 2 items of information we will need to make the free account transfer, from our domain name account at Godaddy, to your domain name account at

Payment Details:  We sell all domain names using PayPal as our preferred payment method.  Each domain name being sold has a “Buy Now” button that will take you directly to PayPal to start the payment process.

For Really Quick Transfers:  The transfer of any domain name you purchase will go much quicker if you’ll include your transfer info with your PayPal payment.  Simply type in your account number and the email address you use for your account in the comments area of the Paypal payment form find out.

What if You Forget to Include Your Transfer Info?  No problem, we’ll either email you a reminder, or you can use the feedback/domain inquiries contact form on our website to send us the information we’ll need for the transfer (i.e., your Godaddy account number and the email address you use for your account).

How the Transfer Process Works:  Once you provide us with your Godaddy account number and the email address you use for your domain name account, we initiate the transfer from our end by logging into our domain name account and performing an “Account Change” function, transferring the domain name from our account to your’s. 

Shortly after the “Account Change” step is initiated from our end, we will receive a confirmation from Godaddy via email, and likewise, you’ll receive an email from Godaddy.  The subject matter on the email you receive should say “Change of Registrant Pending.”  This important email from Godaddy will contain the following instructions for you to follow.  Make sure you perform these following steps on your end to complete and finalize the domain transfer from my Godaddy account into your Godaddy account.

  1. Go to the, Inc. home page to log in to your account with your username or account number and password.
  2. In the My Account section, clickPending Account Changes.”
  3. Click on “Incoming Account Changes.”
  4. Check the domains that you agree to change and then clickQuick Accept.”
  5. Accept the agreements and clickOK.” The domains will be processed and should appear in your account shortly.

Warning:  If the Change of Account is not completed within 10 days, the transaction or Change of Account will expire and will have to be initiated again from my end.

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