$99 Dollar Domain Names Opens for Business

If you’re looking for bargain domain names at discount prices, domains you can quickly spin for a great profit, look no farther than 99DollarDomainNames.com.  The concept behind this great new site is simple — investment grade dot com domain names at $99 (or slightly more in some cases).

The site just launched a week ago with two outstanding two-word dot com’s that will be great domains for e-commerce.  One domain, ComputersQuick.com, would obviously be a great domain name for computer and computer hardware sales, while the second domain, BBQKitchen.com, represents an outstanding domain name for a barbeque restaurant, barbeque cafe or online barbeque meats marketing business.

$99DollarDomainNames.com accepts payment via Paypal and makes same-day free transfers to buyers with a Godaddy.com account.

My 99 Cent Ebay Domain Name Auctions

Ebay is not the greatest place to sell domain names. We all know that. The short auction times don’t result in getting attraction to the best buyer for your domain name. I’ve made some great acquisitions over the years that I’ve held on to for far too long. Whether one sells on Ebay, Sedo, at Snap Domains or any one of a number of venues, the most important thing is to build a reputation and following.

My Ebay feedback rating (as of today) is 100% of 425 transactions. I push all domain names free to your Godaddy account within 6 hours of receiving your mone 95% of the time, within 24 hours 100% of the time. I sell all domain names using Paypal as my method of payment. Each of the five domain names I’m featuring today have a starting bid of only 99 cents, with no reserve price setting. Thus, they will all sell to the highest bidder, regardless the final bid price.

With those simple terms in mind, check out the domain names I’m currently auctioning on eBay.   You can either go to Ebay and search for the domain name (shown below), or do an “Advanced Search” and search “By Seller.”  My Ebay seller ID is bizgenie.


What Domain Names Am I Selling On Ebay Today?


I’ve owned each of these domain names for some time, in some cases several years. The most valuable of the four is IY8.com — a 3-letter dot com domain name that has been appaised at over $12,000. This domain name has been indexed in Google for some time.

I’m also auctioning a couple of 4-Letter LLLL domain names. One is the 4-letter dot com domain name, MJMR.com. This domain name could be used as a tribute site to Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan, a business name, etc. It has outstanding branding possibilities.

My second 4-letter LLLL domain name is AUCN.org. What a great domain name for anyone in the internet auctions business. The four letters actually are pronounced as “auction.” If you’re an Ebay Powerseller, this is the domain name for you.

Another “auctions” related domain name I’m selling on Ebay is AuctionsPro.com. This too, is another super domain name for any eBay Powerseller to run his business under.

The final domain name I would like to highlight today is WorkatHomeCircle.com — an outstanding domain name for any work at home entrepreneur or anyone wanting to create a blog for the work from home genre.

If you’re interested in bidding on any of these domain names, go to Ebay now and search either for the domain name or do an advanced search “by seller” based on my Ebay ID of bizgenie.

Premium Domain Names for $49 each!

I’ve got some really great domain names I’ve marked down to just $49 each.   All are great 2-word dot com’s that represent a large market niche.  Take a look at the list below:

  • EthnicChristmas.com – a super domain name for anyone selling Christmas items or Christmas gifts online.
  • DFWBBQ.com — If you’re in the barbeque business anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,  you won’t find a greater domain name than this.  Very search engine friendly and only 6 letters long.  A true steal at $49.
  • DebtGame.com – a short 8-letter dot com that can be used to market credit cards, debt consolidation, loans or anything debt related online.
  • WebPageMama.com — A super 3-word domain name and the perfect business name for any female webmaster.
  • Mommy247.com — A fantastic, very descriptive, 2-word dot com domain name that would be the perfect web address for anyone running a website or blog about parenting and motherhood.
  • BBQLife.com – A terrific 2-word domain name that caters to barbeque and grilling.  A great domain name for a barbeque website or blog, or an outstanding domain name for a barbeque magazine.

If you’re interested in buying any of the domain names above, use my contact form to send me an email about the domain name (or names) you wish to buy.  I’ll send complete payment instructions. All transfers are made within4 hours of payment.  All domain names are sold through Paypal.

Custom Domain Names at Great Prices

I own a number of domain names with the word custom in the domain.    If you’re interested in buying any of the following “custom” domain names at the prices listed below by each domain, please use my feedback form and request an invoice.  I’ll send you an invoice by Paypal.  You’ll be able to make your purchase of the domain name by Paypal.  Transfer fees are free, provided you have a Godaddy.com account.   If you don’t have one, you can get one free at Godaddy.com.

The “custom” domain names I’m selling:

CustomFitBlinds.com – $499

CustomCurtainsOnline.com – $399

CustomDesignJeweler.com – $299

CustomConvertibles.com – $199

CustomAutoSupplies.com – $99

AnimalDoctor.com Sells for $20,750

Wow!  AnimalDoctor.com sold for $20,750 on Sedo yesterday.   Not only is this both an excellent and fair price for the domain, it highlights the fact that my own domain name, DoggyVet.com, is worth far more than the mere $149 I’m asking.  But then again my whole business model is based on “premium domain names at discount prices.”

You can see my write-up on DoggyVet.com and learn how you can buy it now for $149 by clicking here.

An update on yesterday’s post about career theme domain names . . . MyCareer.com has bounced to $10,001 with 6 bids over at Sedo.com, with only 3 hours left on a 7-day auction.  Resumes.com is still sitting at $50,000 with 3 hours left on its auction.  Chances are high that neither one of these domains will touch their reserve price before the close of the auction, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

WorkatHomeJobs.org sold for $1,575, not bad for a .org domain, but then again this is a highly searched phrase and is worth far more to the lucky buyer that landed this domain. 

I own about 175 or so 4-letter domains and plan to begin selling them soon.  If you have an interest, use my feedback form to send an inquiry and I’ll send you a list.