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This is a super value in a short, 2-word dot com domain name that is both a search phrase and a description for an entire industry.  If you’re considering starting up your own computer and/or network support firm, then consider buying this domain name,, for only $99 and naming your business Admin Masters.

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Note: This domain sold for $99.

Has the Economic Downturn Weakened Domain Name Values?

Bad economy? What bad economy? Take a look at some recent domain name sales and current domain auctions and you’ll be proud to know that domain names still represent a great investment. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

1. is back on the market again and has a bid of 302,500 on’s 7-day auction.

2. is currently at $6,500 and has 9 bids with over 6 days to go on’s 7-day auction.

3. recently sold for $25,000 on Sedo.

4. sold on Sedo for $7,500 recently.

5. has a bid of $5,200 with several days left on the auction.

6. has a bid of $7,500 with several days to go on a 7-day auction.

7. sold for $12,000 on

8. Another sale,, went for $25,000.

9. sold for $40,000.

10. sold for $31,200.

However, other than the 1-bid auction of, no truly big ticket domain sales were made in the high 5-digit to 6-digit range, signaling the economy is having some impact. One area that still looks good is the low to mid-range domain name sales. I’m talking low 4-digits to low 5-digits. These still appear to be moving a nice clip.

3-digit number domains are still holding value. sold for $25,000 on Sedo and Sedo also scored big on the $30,000 sale of and the $25,000 sale of

Will Bad Economic Times Take a Toll on Domain Name Values?

I’ve been watching daily domain names sales on several major auctions very closely since the 777 point drop of the Dow Jones Average in early October. My personal observation is that domain name sales in the $5,000 to $25,000 range seems to have slowed considerably, but its more of a gut feeling rather than one concluded after a lot of research.

Earlier, I was pondering writing this article about the negative impact of the economy on domain names sales and values. But this is not the case quite yet. Why? Because the results of several big special auctions closing just before or around the same time the stock market started plummeting reflect the fact that big investors are still willing to cough up big bucks for domain names that hold great potential. Take for example the recent sale of our domain names in the six-figure area. recently sold on Sedo for $125,000. sold on Moniker for $110,000. sold on for $100,000 and sold on for $100,000.

Most of the sales I will talk about in this article were made at last month’s Live Auction at the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in New York. Although they were booked this week, one can’t hardly label them as “sales after the economic collapse.” Thus, the court may still be out on what the eventual outcome will be regarding the economy’s toll on domain name sales.

Currently, the highest bid existing on for a domain name is $12,000 for Pet.Asia and 7,000 British Pounds for Two domain names I’m keeping an eye on at the auction is which has 9 bids and currently stands at $3,690 and which has 27 bids and is up to $3,100. Both will go for much higher values, thus its important to watch those 2 closely to see where they cap out at to get a grasp of the economic toll on domain name sales.

A look at domain names sold this week at finds the highest domain name sales price was only $4,999 for Other domain name sales worth noting at recent auctions include the sale of for $60,000 at Moniker’s Live Auction and for the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. event for $85,000. Worthy of mention also is the sale fo on Snap Names for $70,590 and for $75,000 on DN Strategy.

On a personal note I continue to find great deals in the expired domain name market. Examples of today’s purchases include:,,,, and

Sedo Scores Big on and

Domain name sales rocked this week, at least over at the online domain name auction site  The story lies in the sale of two domain names for great prices., a super 3-letter domain name and dot com, sold for $85,000. 

The second domain name that went for a high price was, which sold for $35,500 on  I checked my own inventory of music related domain names and don’t have anything that will compete close to the domain name, but nonetheless still have some valuable domain names.

Take for example, — which would make a great domain name for any music store located near a college or university campus.  I also own, and  If you have an interest in any of the domain names send me an email. Sells for $117,500 came up the big winner last week with the sale of for $117,500. The owners of purchased the domain name for $40,000 in a private sale. sold for $40,000 on, while DNForum scored the big sale of for $40,000.

When I see a domain name like go for $40,000 it makes me wonder what my domain name,, would be worth. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback with any thoughts you might have on the value of this domain name. Likewise, if you’re in the blinds business and have an interest in buying it, I’ll entertain serious offers.

In the world of 2-letter/number domain names scored a hit with the sale of for $20,500, while sold for $19,279 at One of the big surprises of the week to me was the sale of for $17,150 on

Finally, one domain name gets a lot of type-in search engine traffic, namely, went for $17,650 on The domain name brings up images of the hippy years when the term “free love” was used extensively and became a household word. These day “free love” is a highly searched term on Google, MSN and, so its no surprise that the dot com domain name version would go for such a high value. In fact, if I’m surprised at all it would be over the fact that I think the domain name could have sold for a higher value than it did.