Dot Com Domain Names Fetching Great Prices was recently sold on for $78,000.  The domain was sold by domain name investor and legend Gary Chernoff.  He also received a reported $69,500 for the sale of on domain auction

Also doing quite well in recent domain name sales was the domain namke, which sold for a reported $65,000 on Sedo.  Sedo also racked up another high end sale with the selling of for $45,000.

To demonstrate the value of .co domain sales one only has to look as far as the recent sale of for a reported $20,000.

Great Domains Coming Out of the Woodwork on Popular Auctions

Have you noticed lately what’s going on in the domain name world?  Great domain names that have been held in close hands for some time are coming out of the woodwork in this weaker economy.  Just a few days ago sold for $11,500.  Not a bad price in the economy we now find ourselves in.  Frankly, I was surprised to see that domain name go so high, but consider what’s up for sell now over at and you’ll be amazed to see some really good domain names up for sale.

It appears that one significant domain name owner has unleashed the hounds and opted to sell some precious inventory.  Consider what’s up for grab and you’ll understand what I mean in’s “career theme” auction.  For, in just 15 hours, the following domain names will be coming to an end on their 7-day auctions and the results are not all that bad, but still below values we would have witnessed a year ago.  The lot I’m speaking of include:

  • — now at $50,000 with 13 bids that have pushed the price to 50 grand
  • – currently at $8,888 with 8 bids and the reserve price not made yet
  • – currently at $9,000 with 5 bids and the reserve price not touched yet
  • – currently at $3,000 with 3 bids and the reserve price already met

One thing all of these domains have in common is their career theme, obviously.  That’s because this theme is the flavor of the day, as has been widely promoting its special “career theme” domains auction for the last week.  This is more than likely what smoked these domain name owners out of the woodwork.  It will be interesting to see if the reserve price is touched on, and

Aussie Barbeque .com 2-Word Domain Name for Sale!

In the words of Crocodile Dundee, “put another shrimp on the barbie!”  You’ll be doing that and a whole lot more if you want to own this excellent Australian theme barbeque domain name, 

Australian manufactured barbeque pits have become the rage in recent years and you won’t find a better domain name to sell grills and barbeque pits made in Australia than 

Likewise, if you’re considering starting a new barbeque restaurant with an Australian theme or Aussie touch, you’ll improve your success by leaps and bounds if you name your business Aussie Barbeque and purchase to build the e-commerce division of your barbeque business.

This domain name can be purchased at by clicking here.  To buy the domain click on the “More Details” link under the Buy This Domain area (lower right side) of this web page.

This domain is easily worth 4 figures, but we’ve made it a steal for the lucky bidder.  The minimum bid is set at only $99 and our expected sale price is $299.  Escrow is handled by  All fees are paid by (the seller).

Comparing 2009 Domain Name Sales With 2008 sold on for $21,760 in July 2008. sold for $14,000, while sold for $9,600. So how are similar domain names selling in the weak economy of 2009? Let’s examine a few recent sales to find out. has one day to go on a 7-day auction and aleady had its reserve price met at $4,100. It’s almost shocking to me that a 3-letter dot com domain name would have the reserve price set so low, particularly for a 3-letter domain name you can pronounce. It’ll be interesting to see what the final number this domain goes for tomorrow. To look it up, click here.

As for recent sales, none as nice as and, but sold for only $3,000, sold for 2,610 Euros and sold for 2,602 Euros. All surprisingly low in my book. However, sold for an astounding $7,000, living a mixed bag. So why is E-14 so popular, other than being a British submarine from World War I era? Beats me. If you’ve got a handle on this one, let me know.

Has the Economic Downturn Weakened Domain Name Values?

Bad economy? What bad economy? Take a look at some recent domain name sales and current domain auctions and you’ll be proud to know that domain names still represent a great investment. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

1. is back on the market again and has a bid of 302,500 on’s 7-day auction.

2. is currently at $6,500 and has 9 bids with over 6 days to go on’s 7-day auction.

3. recently sold for $25,000 on Sedo.

4. sold on Sedo for $7,500 recently.

5. has a bid of $5,200 with several days left on the auction.

6. has a bid of $7,500 with several days to go on a 7-day auction.

7. sold for $12,000 on

8. Another sale,, went for $25,000.

9. sold for $40,000.

10. sold for $31,200.

However, other than the 1-bid auction of, no truly big ticket domain sales were made in the high 5-digit to 6-digit range, signaling the economy is having some impact. One area that still looks good is the low to mid-range domain name sales. I’m talking low 4-digits to low 5-digits. These still appear to be moving a nice clip.

3-digit number domains are still holding value. sold for $25,000 on Sedo and Sedo also scored big on the $30,000 sale of and the $25,000 sale of