Xipm.com Auction Closes in 20 Hours!

My 7-day Xipm auction closes in just 20 hours and already has 6 bidders.  Don’t miss out on buying this 4-letter brandable domain name that can be pronounced phonetically, as in Zip-em.  It’s a great domain name for a software product or computer company.  Easy to trademark, easy to brand.  This is one domain name auction you don’t want to miss out on. I started the auction at the low unheard of price of just $15.  After 6 bids the price is now up to $56.  Hurry now, as this domain name is easily worth over $1,000.

AffiliateDen.com is For Sale!

Yes, I’m certified crazy to be selling AffiliateDen.com for such a low price.  You can choose to buy this great 2-word affiliate marketing theme domain name now for only $299, or place your best bid and see what happens.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, run an affiliate marketing blog, sell affiliate software, want to build an affiliate directory, etc. — this domain name is for you.  I can’t think of an better, shorter 2-word dot com covering the affiliate marketing niche than this one.  It is easy to say, easy to spell and simply unfogettable by your visitors.  Someone seeing your site once would easily remember where to come back to again.   It has the ring and feel of an affiliate marketing blog name.   To place your best bid or buy now for the low price of just $299click here.

ComputersQuick.com is For Sale

Call me crazy or stupid, but I just opened a 7-day auction on the fantastic two-word dot com domain name — ComputersQuick.com.  If you sell computers, build and sell computers, wholesale computers, retail computers, rent computers, etc., you won’t find a better domain name and company name for your business.  This domain name is truly investment grade quality.  It is brandable, contains a search phrase, is easy to spell, easy to remember – hell even unforgetable.  Can’t you just see your your logo — Computers Quick – on every box containing computers you sell and deliver to clients.  This is a dynamite domain name, just set up minutes ago on a 7-day auction with — GET THIS — a minimum bid requirement of only $49.  No, you read this correctly — only $49.  Now you see why my wife thinks I’ve gone mad?  Place your bid for ComputersQuick.com now!!!

XIPM.com – Super 4-Letter Dot Com – bids start at only $15

I can’t believe I’m putting this great domain name for sale.  Call me crazy, but I’ve posted a 7-day auction for this super domain name.  Look at it closely — it can be pronounced easily.  Phonetically, it is pronounced – “zip-em.”  What a great name for a company, a product (i.e., computer brand, software, etc.) or a new trademark.  Trust me when I say this domain name will always appreciate in value.  It will never be worth less than what you paid, because there is only a limited number of 4-letter dot com’s.  This is a 7-day auction, so act quickly.  Bidding starts at $15 and there is a very low reserve price that has been set for it.  Click this link to post your bid now.