Great Veternarian Domain Name – for Sale

If you a Vetenarian or Doctory of Veterinary Medicine, you won’t find a better domain name to manage your online business than  This excellent two-word dot com domain name is being offered by for only $149

Easily worth $1,000 or more, this outstanding domain name for veternarian’s is another great example of what we mean when we say we sell premimum domains at discount prices. 

When you consider purchasing this domain name for your veternarian business, please keep in mind the following excellent attributes of this domain name:  (1) Easy to pronounce, (2) Easy to spell,  (3) Only 2 words, (4) Dot Com name extension, (5) Common phrase used to describe a veternarian, and (6)  doggy vet” is a search phrase.

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Just two simple words . . . doggie groomer, that decribe your entire business.  Best of all, this dog groomer domain name is a dot com name.  Thus, being only two words, a dot com extension, and a highly decriptive domain name for the dog grooming business, this domain name will always be an extremely valuable domain name you’ll be able to sell for a huge profit should you ever sell your dog grooming business or exit the dog grooming business.   

Easily worth mid-to-high 4 figures, we’re selling for the unheard of price of only $199.  This is our firm, non-negotiable price.  At this value, we don’t expect to keep this domain long.  It’s being sold on a first come-first serve basis, thus the first person that pays $199 will get the domain name.  Even if you don’t have a dog grooming business but are considering starting one, you owe it to yourself to buy now for only $199

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Dog Cat Doctor – Great Dot Com Veterinarian Doman Name –

Whether you’re a domain name investor, a veterinarian, owner of a veterinary clinic or a veterinarian professional, you can’t find a better domain name than the one we have for sell today.  It’s — easy to spell, easy to say and easy to remember.  You’re veterinary customers and pet owners will never forget your domain name.  And rather than highway robbery, we’re posting it up for sale for a limited time at only $299.  You can buy it now or place your best bid by clicking here to make Dog Cat Doctor your very own dot com domain name.

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