67Q.com sells for $3,411 on Sedo

I found the recent sale of 67Q.com very interesting, because it proves the shortage of 3-letter domain names is now resulting in significant sales prices for character/number domain combinations in the 3-letter LLL dot com category.  Honestly, I feel domains in this category are worth even more, and was surprised that this domain name didn’t go even higher.  Whoever purchased it picked up a good domain name at a great value.

That said, I should note that my interest in this domain name is also personal and that my feelings can be classified as bias, as I happen to own a very similar domain name, 65Q.com.  Not a month goes by that I don’t receive one or more unsolicited offers for 65Q.com.

What I do know is that I would not part with 65Q.com for $3,411.  The sale of 67Q.com for this amount is yet another example of what can go wrong if you set your reserve price too low on a short-period domain name auction.

4-Number Domain Goes for Mid $-Figures

The domain name 4010.com sold for $5,000 on Sedo.com. I simply cannot believe how many chances I passed up on registering numerical domain names a few short years ago. Sad to say, but all of these are worth far more than most 4-letter domain dot com’s, of which I have many. I do have a pretty decent 3-letter/number mix dot com in my 65Q.com and feel it will be worth a lot one day. If you’re looking for something like this make me an offer.

In the process of renewing some domains of mine, I came across 4 I like very much because they are easy to remember and could actually be used to create great content driven sites or web portals. They were WiseGenius.com, TeenageGenius.com, WorkingCat.com and SquareDaddy.com. If you have an interest on buying any of these 4 domains, make me a good offer.

The big domain name sale of the week, last week, was Phones.co.uk, which sold in a private sale for 175,000 pounds, or approximately $344,700. That’s some pretty good bucks for a .co.uk domain name and one that really surprised me.

One 4-letter dot com sale that really did surprise me last week was the sell of Ozmo.com for $25,000 on Sedo. Surprising me on the downside was the sell of Toxicology.com which sold for only $26,300 on NameJet.com. I would have thought that single-word domain name would have gone for much higher.

3-Number Numerical Domain Name 940.com Goes for $12,100

3-number domain names are in these days and their selling prices never cease to amaze me. 940.com sold on Sedo this week for $12,100. It will be interesting to see if these values can hold up forever for numerical domain names.

Now, in the world of 3-letter domain names a great one is currently up for auction at Sedo. With only 14 hours remaining on its 7-day auction, the 3-letter domain name cwi.com is currently priced at $13,500. This domain name is sure to go for higher. It’s tough enough getting your hands on a good 3-letter dot com, but even harder to get one that ends in an “i” — because the “i” could stand for inc., incorp, or incorporated. Take my own name, Craig Whitley Inc., boy how I would love to get my hands on this great domain name.

A sweet 2-letter dot net domain name, hm.net, is currently being acutioned on Sedo. With over 2 days left on the auction for hm.net, bidding is currently up to $12,000 for the domain. Presently its have 7 bids push it to this level.

AOV.com is super hot and has 20 bids on it thus far with 1 day and 12 hours left on its 7-day auction. The high bid currently sites at 7,100 Euros! Now how’s that for value?

Anonymous.net Bids Hit $35,000

With 4 hours to go on its Sedo auction, Anonymous.net has hit $35,000. Actually, the domain name seller was pretty wise. He was able to get his buyer up to $35,000 before going to auction. The original bidder remains the only bidder with just 4 hours to go in a 7-day auction. On the one hand the buyer is likely relieved. On the other he must be wondering if he has overpaid. On another auction of a dictionary word .net domain name, alimony.net is up to $3,600 with 2 bids and 4 days left on the auction.

Have you been wondering lately what the value of a 3-digit numerical domain might be? The owner of 657.com has placed his domain on a 7-day auction and already has 6 bids in its first day. With just a little over 6 days remaining, bidding is already up to $7,500. Just 2 years ago I could have registered 3-digit numerical domain names all day long and was too stupid to see the value. Even a 3-digit numerical .net name has value. With about 2 hours remaining on a 7-day auction, 367.net has 20 bids and is up to $865. Sorta crazy, huh?

I’m not sure what YW.com ended up selling for the other day. I haven’t been able to confirm it. But the last time I checked, about a day before the auction expiration, bids were up to $81,000. BCE.com, a sweet 3-letter dot com, is going to close in 2 days. The highest bid is currently $15,505.