Microcube.com Sells for $40,000 on Sedo.com

The recent sale of Microcube.com on Sedo.com is a perfect example of where the seller was able to find the “right” buyer for his or her domain.  What do we mean by this?  Ask yourself, “Would I pay this much for MIcrocube.com?”  Chances are you might not be willing to pay over $100 for this domain.  After all, there are numerous two-word domain names available for far less money.

However, if the name of your business or product was Microcube.com you would pay far more, right?  And that’s apparently what must be going on behind the scenes with the high sales price the owner of Microcube.com was able to fetch for this memorable and brandable domain name.

PowerpointExperts.com Domain Name for Sale!

Attention all Powerpoint Experts! Need a domain name to market your Powerpoint expertise, Powerpoint themes or templates online? You won’t find a better domain name than PowerpointExperts.com. I’ve owned this domain name for some time and had plans of my own to create a Powerpoint theme site at one time. However, I don’t have enough time in the day to do so. Thus, my loss is your gain. Worth 4-figures easily, I’m willing to sell PowerpointExperts.com for only $199.

This is a firm price on an excellent domain Powerpoint domain name.  It’s a dot com domain, only 2 words, totally descriptive of what its future website would be about, easy to remember, and not likely to be misspelled.  All-in-all, it possesses all the major attributes one would look for in a quality domain name about Powerpoint and Powerpoint presentations.

Keywords:  Powerpoint, Powerpoint presentations, speeches, slides, presentations, Powerpoint designer, Powerpoint templates, Powerpoint themes.

We accept payment only through Paypal.  All domain names are transferred to your Godaddy.com domain name account within 8 hours of receiving payment.  Act now before someone else buys PowerpointExperts.com. 

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Sorry, this domain name has sold for $199.

DoggieGroomer.com Dog Grooming Domain Name for Sale

DoggieGroomer.com is without a doubt the perfect domain name for a dog grooming company.  If you’re in the dog grooming business and you purchase this domain name, you’ll never have to worry about whether your clientele will remember your domain name or not.

Just two simple words . . . doggie groomer, that decribe your entire business.  Best of all, this dog groomer domain name is a dot com name.  Thus, being only two words, a dot com extension, and a highly decriptive domain name for the dog grooming business, this domain name will always be an extremely valuable domain name you’ll be able to sell for a huge profit should you ever sell your dog grooming business or exit the dog grooming business.   

Easily worth mid-to-high 4 figures, we’re selling DoggieGroomer.com for the unheard of price of only $199.  This is our firm, non-negotiable price.  At this value, we don’t expect to keep this domain long.  It’s being sold on a first come-first serve basis, thus the first person that pays $199 will get the domain name.  Even if you don’t have a dog grooming business but are considering starting one, you owe it to yourself to buy DoggieGroomer.com now for only $199

Payment is via Paypal only. DoggieGroomer.com will sell to the first buyer that clicks on the link below and buys the domain name for our published sales price of only $199.

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Keywords: Dogs, doggie, pet, grooming, groom, clipping


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BabesLobby.com – Hot 2-Word Domain Name for Sale!

BabesLobby.com is a remarkable 2-word dot com domain name that would be an instant hit for an adult-oriented website. It would also prove to be an outstanding domain name for an escorts site, an online domain for models and modeling, college co-ed’s theme, lingerie theme, an online dating service, a bikini pics website, and more.

Whether the theme of your website would be pornographic in nature and x-rated, or PG-rated flair for modeling, dating, rating and photo sites, this is a two-word domain name that everyone will remember. No one will misspell it.

We’re selling BabesLobby.com for only $179 – a huge bargain when you consider how easy it would be to make a top-100 website out of this domain name for any of the categories mentioned above. Our price is firm, non-negotiable.

Payment is by Paypal only.  All transfers are made at no additional cost to your Godaddy.com domain name account within 8 hours of your purchase. 


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Are Valuable Dot Com Domain Names Still Available?

People are always telling me that all the good domain names have been taken, and that there are no bargains in the world of domain names anymore. This is true for one-word, 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter and numerical domain names, but there are numerous two-word domain names of value that expire frequently and become available to the public. I know, because I purchase them regularly.

Today was no exception. I just registered two great domain names that one could quickly and easily monetize. They were HomeownerProperties.com and HomeownersForums.com. If you’re interested in buying them before I get around to taking them live and monetizing them, make an offer.

Yesterday’s collection of domain names I registered included two great 3-word domain names, TonerSalesOnline.com and CasketSalesOnline.com. I know what you’re thinking, “How morbid can I be, right?” But low income people and people with limited funds increasingly go online and to purchase caskets to help self money on the costs of a funeral. Such a domain name is easy to monetize because several casket companies sell caskets online and have affiliate programs that pay commissions averaging around 10%. Most of the sales you would make will net commissions ranging from $200 to $500.

Other valuable two-word domain names I’ve purchased recently include CashflowEnterprise.com (one could argue its a 3-word domain), AmazingCarpets.com, AmazingSeeds.com, AmazingThongs.com, AmazingTires.com and AmazingCalendars.com.  If you see any of these you like send me your best offer.