Dot Net Domain Names Proving to be a Good Investment

My best domain name sale in the past 2 years has been for $10,000. I should have held on longer. I candidly admit I regret having sold it. I really wasn’t a motivated seller, didn’t need the money, but had held on to the domain name for several years and wanted some bragging rights. That’s a stupid reason to sell.

I was also ticked at myself because I had received a $15,000 offer for and had totally botched the sale by making a very unwise decision to hire a third party to negotiate for a higher price. The third party mediator had an aggressive personality totally bent my buyer out of shape, leading them to get ticced and registering and telling me to go fly a kite. Sometimes life comes with some difficult lessons, often caused by mistakes we make on our own. That was one big mistake for me.

Getting back to the subject at hand, dot net domain names, we are only 2 hours away from the close of a 7-day auction of at eBay. And guess what, the bidding for this good (noticed I didn’t say great) domain name, is already up to $23,000. There are 22 bids thus far, and guess what, the reserve price has not been met yet! Who would have thunk? It’s a crazy world we live in folks, and I think the Lord every day for it.