Misspelled Domain Name Sells for $11,500

In what might be a record price for a misspelled domain name, the domain name BrandWidth.com sold for $11,500 on Sedo.com.  Obviously, the domain gets a lot of type-in traffic for those searching for the word “bandwidth.” 

It amazes me just how dumb the public is at times.  No, I’m not making fun of the typo, for we all make typos on a regular basis.  What I’m referred to is just how broad-minded and ignorant the general public is when it comes to performing searches on an Internet search engine like Google.  Seriously, what would one hope to accomplish in searching for the single word, “bandwidth.”  What are the odds that you would only get the 100,000 feet level and come no where near finding what you really wanted to that had to deal with the broad subject of bandwidth.  

I’d bet my entire paycheck that what the search engine user really wants in a search where the single word “bandwidth” is typed in really would require 2, 3, 4 — maybe even 5 words to drill down to what he or she is really looking for when they instead typed in the single word, bandwith.  In reality, they may know they need more bandwidth to get a faster Internet connection, and really needed to be looking for “DSL service providers Detroit” or “T1 Internet service provider Dallas,” for example. 

Still, life goes on and the public will not get any smarter.  Chances are high that the number of searches for “bandwidth” and the misspelled version, “brandwidth,” will only continue to grow in the future.