Turning an Expired Domain Names List into a Personal Goldmine

Is there anything to the hype you read about making money scouring expired domain names lists in search of valuable domain names you can buy and resale? Yes indeed there is. Sure, it does have a catch, in fact several catches, but this is definitely a way to make money in the domain name sales business that works. I’ll give you a few examples of my own success stories.

By viewing expired domain names lists on a regular basis I have discovered, not tens, not hundreds, but thousands of domain names I think are valuable. By “valuable,” I mean I can sell the domains I purchase for $100 or more. Clear examples of domain names I’ve purchased after seeing them on expired domain names lists would include WhatsUpBaby.com that I wrote about earlier today (sold for $650 in 11 days), TexasBreastImplants.com (sold for $2,250), AllGals.com (sold for $1,200), Zoles.com (sold for $1,250), Ezappointments.com (sold for $300) and GoldenGateGiftBaskets.com (sold for $245).

There are many more I have sold. These are just a few. For example, I’ve registered over 150 four-letter domain names that I’ve founded on expired lists, over 200 single dictionary word .dot net domain names found on expired lists, and countless 2-word premium dot com’s.

The problem in selling domains, as I’ve stated before, is getting matched with the right buyer at the right time. Sedo.com, for example, has over 9 million domain names for sale on just their venue alone. That’s are too much competition when one considers that only 2,500 to 3,000 domain names are sold on Sedo.com each month. Nope, if you really want to sell domain names quickly and at a nice profit, you need to promote and market them. There are many ways to do this, if you’re interested in learning more about how to promote and market your domain name portfolio I welcome your comments and feedback.