Dot Info (.info) Domain Name Rockets to $21,500

Who says .info domain names are not worth much. is currently for sale on a 7-day auction at and with 4 days and 3 hours left it has one bid of $21,500.  The reserve price has already been met.  Now what this tells me is that some negotiating has already taken place on this domain, and once the bidder finally reached his highest price, or what the seller thought was the highest price, the seller pushed the domain name into a 7-day auction.  Personally, I can see the value in this domain name, but not $21,500 big ones.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see this domain coast through 7 days with no additional bids. 

Of interest to 3-letter dot com collectors is two 7-day auctions currently at with over 5 days left. is another single-bid auction with the bid price currently at $13,500. has 8 bids and currently sitting at $12,500.

2 years ago I could have registered all the 3-number numerical names I wanted for $6 to $7 each, depending on the registrar.  They were easy to find.  Not any more, as the value of 2 and 3 letter numerical domains are running at record high levels these days.  Need some examples?  Try, which is being sold on and with 3 days and 10 hours left on the auction has 13 bids with the high bid price currently at $6,300.  Also on Sedo is a couple of 2-number dot net domains, and  Both currently have 1 bid each of 7,000 Euros.  It’s going to be interesting to see how these domain names settle or close out.