EYNV.com hits $224.50 with 4 days to go

EYNV.com has moved from 99 cents to $224.50 and 17 bidders on eBay.  There are four days left on the auction, so if you’re interested in bidding on this great 4-letter dot com domain, go to our auction now.  The auction closes on Monday, April 4 at 11 pm.

This domain is very brandable and would make a great domain for a Nevada eye doctor, or any company name with the acronym eynv.com.

For the domainers that may be reading this blog post, most of the 151 page views are coming from Asia, which is no surprise given the number of Chinese investors collecting 4-letter dot com’s.

In the first 6 days of the auction the domain has had 151 page views and, as noted earlier, 17 bidders.

67Q.com sells for $3,411 on Sedo

I found the recent sale of 67Q.com very interesting, because it proves the shortage of 3-letter domain names is now resulting in significant sales prices for character/number domain combinations in the 3-letter LLL dot com category.  Honestly, I feel domains in this category are worth even more, and was surprised that this domain name didn’t go even higher.  Whoever purchased it picked up a good domain name at a great value.

That said, I should note that my interest in this domain name is also personal and that my feelings can be classified as bias, as I happen to own a very similar domain name, 65Q.com.  Not a month goes by that I don’t receive one or more unsolicited offers for 65Q.com.

What I do know is that I would not part with 65Q.com for $3,411.  The sale of 67Q.com for this amount is yet another example of what can go wrong if you set your reserve price too low on a short-period domain name auction.

4-Letter Domain EYNV.com Goes on Auction at Ebay

If you’re interested in a great 4-letter domain name, check out our eBay auction for EYNV.com.  After only 4 days on eBay we already have 13 bidders and the price has escalated from 99 cents to $203.50.  This is still far below the value of a 4-letter LLLL dot com domain name.

Our auction provides a great opportunity for you to get a short and easy to remember 4-letter dot com domain name for your business or domain portfolio http://pharmaciemg.fr/tablette/temovate/.  With the letters “NV” in the name it  would be a great domain name for a Nevada business.  For example, a Nevada eye surgeon, eye doctor, optometrist, etc. could have a short and snappy domain name that would be very brandable.

Dot Com Domain Names Fetching Great Prices

Ripley.com was recently sold on DomainNameSales.com for $78,000.  The domain was sold by domain name investor and legend Gary Chernoff.  He also received a reported $69,500 for the sale of Callisto.com on domain auction Sedo.com.

Also doing quite well in recent domain name sales was the domain namke LIK.com, which sold for a reported $65,000 on Sedo.  Sedo also racked up another high end sale with the selling of Reconnect.com for $45,000.

To demonstrate the value of .co domain sales one only has to look as far as the recent sale of commodity.co for a reported $20,000.

$99 Dollar Domain Names Opens for Business

If you’re looking for bargain domain names at discount prices, domains you can quickly spin for a great profit, look no farther than 99DollarDomainNames.com.  The concept behind this great new site is simple — investment grade dot com domain names at $99 (or slightly more in some cases).

The site just launched a week ago with two outstanding two-word dot com’s that will be great domains for e-commerce.  One domain, ComputersQuick.com, would obviously be a great domain name for computer and computer hardware sales, while the second domain, BBQKitchen.com, represents an outstanding domain name for a barbeque restaurant, barbeque cafe or online barbeque meats marketing business.

$99DollarDomainNames.com accepts payment via Paypal and makes same-day free transfers to buyers with a Godaddy.com account.