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If you’re in the computer support business, a network or IT consultant, a new start-up PC support firm, etc., we have an excellent domain name for sale that will totally describe your business in two short words.  The domain, a dot com domain at that, is short and sweet, simply to say and spell, and totally unforgetable.  It’s and today we’re selling it for only $99

This is a super value in a short, 2-word dot com domain name that is both a search phrase and a description for an entire industry.  If you’re considering starting up your own computer and/or network support firm, then consider buying this domain name,, for only $99 and naming your business Admin Masters.

This domain name is very catchy and sure to remember by all of your clientel. 

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Attention all Powerpoint Experts! Need a domain name to market your Powerpoint expertise, Powerpoint themes or templates online? You won’t find a better domain name than I’ve owned this domain name for some time and had plans of my own to create a Powerpoint theme site at one time. However, I don’t have enough time in the day to do so. Thus, my loss is your gain. Worth 4-figures easily, I’m willing to sell for only $199.

This is a firm price on an excellent domain Powerpoint domain name.  It’s a dot com domain, only 2 words, totally descriptive of what its future website would be about, easy to remember, and not likely to be misspelled.  All-in-all, it possesses all the major attributes one would look for in a quality domain name about Powerpoint and Powerpoint presentations.

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My 7-day Xipm auction closes in just 20 hours and already has 6 bidders.  Don’t miss out on buying this 4-letter brandable domain name that can be pronounced phonetically, as in Zip-em.  It’s a great domain name for a software product or computer company.  Easy to trademark, easy to brand.  This is one domain name auction you don’t want to miss out on. I started the auction at the low unheard of price of just $15.  After 6 bids the price is now up to $56.  Hurry now, as this domain name is easily worth over $1,000. is For Sale

Call me crazy or stupid, but I just opened a 7-day auction on the fantastic two-word dot com domain name —  If you sell computers, build and sell computers, wholesale computers, retail computers, rent computers, etc., you won’t find a better domain name and company name for your business.  This domain name is truly investment grade quality.  It is brandable, contains a search phrase, is easy to spell, easy to remember – hell even unforgetable.  Can’t you just see your your logo — Computers Quick – on every box containing computers you sell and deliver to clients.  This is a dynamite domain name, just set up minutes ago on a 7-day auction with — GET THIS — a minimum bid requirement of only $49.  No, you read this correctly — only $49.  Now you see why my wife thinks I’ve gone mad?  Place your bid for now!!! – Super 4-Letter Dot Com – bids start at only $15

I can’t believe I’m putting this great domain name for sale.  Call me crazy, but I’ve posted a 7-day auction for this super domain name.  Look at it closely — it can be pronounced easily.  Phonetically, it is pronounced – “zip-em.”  What a great name for a company, a product (i.e., computer brand, software, etc.) or a new trademark.  Trust me when I say this domain name will always appreciate in value.  It will never be worth less than what you paid, because there is only a limited number of 4-letter dot com’s.  This is a 7-day auction, so act quickly.  Bidding starts at $15 and there is a very low reserve price that has been set for it.  Click this link to post your bid now.