Sells for $20,750

Wow! sold for $20,750 on Sedo yesterday.   Not only is this both an excellent and fair price for the domain, it highlights the fact that my own domain name,, is worth far more than the mere $149 I’m asking.  But then again my whole business model is based on “premium domain names at discount prices.”

You can see my write-up on and learn how you can buy it now for $149 by clicking here.

An update on yesterday’s post about career theme domain names . . . has bounced to $10,001 with 6 bids over at, with only 3 hours left on a 7-day auction. is still sitting at $50,000 with 3 hours left on its auction.  Chances are high that neither one of these domains will touch their reserve price before the close of the auction, but it will be interesting to see what happens. sold for $1,575, not bad for a .org domain, but then again this is a highly searched phrase and is worth far more to the lucky buyer that landed this domain. 

I own about 175 or so 4-letter domains and plan to begin selling them soon.  If you have an interest, use my feedback form to send an inquiry and I’ll send you a list.

Has the Economic Downturn Weakened Domain Name Values?

Bad economy? What bad economy? Take a look at some recent domain name sales and current domain auctions and you’ll be proud to know that domain names still represent a great investment. Here’s a few examples of what I mean:

1. is back on the market again and has a bid of 302,500 on’s 7-day auction.

2. is currently at $6,500 and has 9 bids with over 6 days to go on’s 7-day auction.

3. recently sold for $25,000 on Sedo.

4. sold on Sedo for $7,500 recently.

5. has a bid of $5,200 with several days left on the auction.

6. has a bid of $7,500 with several days to go on a 7-day auction.

7. sold for $12,000 on

8. Another sale,, went for $25,000.

9. sold for $40,000.

10. sold for $31,200.

However, other than the 1-bid auction of, no truly big ticket domain sales were made in the high 5-digit to 6-digit range, signaling the economy is having some impact. One area that still looks good is the low to mid-range domain name sales. I’m talking low 4-digits to low 5-digits. These still appear to be moving a nice clip.

3-digit number domains are still holding value. sold for $25,000 on Sedo and Sedo also scored big on the $30,000 sale of and the $25,000 sale of Auction Takes a Setback

In my last report of the 7-day auction, the price had risen to 750,000 Euros with 15 bids. I dropped by yesterday to notice that 2 bids had been removed and the price had fallen to 300,000 Euros. I would like to be a birdie on the wall at Sedo to know what provoked either the withdrawal or cancellation of two bids.

The auction set at 300,000 Euros for several hours, but by yesterday evening had risen back to 500,000 Euros. It was a huge jump, yet the number of bids had only risen by 1, to 14 total. Help me here folks, why would anyone place a bid 200,000 Euros higher than the last bid price? Hard to figure that strategy, but so far it is working, as the price still sits at 500,000 Euros with only 13 hourrs to go.

If the price doesn’t move higher for, the owner/seller of this domain must feel very deflated. After seeing his domain jump to 750,000 Euros so quickly, and on the heels of the recent sell of for $2.6 million greenbacks, I’m sure he or she has got to be disappointed in the way this auction has gone the past couple of days.

With 4 Days to go, Roars to 750,000 Euros

In case there were any doubters, now has 15 bids with a high bid of 750,000 euros — about $1,185,460 at today’s currency rates. The reserve price has been met, so this domain name will sell. I’m curious, however. It occurred to me today that the singular form of this dictionary word domain name could possibly be as valuable and could pull traffic away from this domain name in the future.

What is your take on this? I welcome your comments. If you owned you would more than likely also want to own But wait, is the home of Dollar Rent a Car. Would you want Dollar Rent a Car getting some of your traffic if you owned I don’t think so.

Give me a good ole one-word domain name like anyday. Oh wait, maybe not, what if someone was searching for pizzas, should I have also tired to purchase when went for $2.6 million. Crazy, huh?

Dot Info (.info) Domain Name Rockets to $21,500

Who says .info domain names are not worth much. is currently for sale on a 7-day auction at and with 4 days and 3 hours left it has one bid of $21,500.  The reserve price has already been met.  Now what this tells me is that some negotiating has already taken place on this domain, and once the bidder finally reached his highest price, or what the seller thought was the highest price, the seller pushed the domain name into a 7-day auction.  Personally, I can see the value in this domain name, but not $21,500 big ones.  It wouldn’t be surprising to see this domain coast through 7 days with no additional bids. 

Of interest to 3-letter dot com collectors is two 7-day auctions currently at with over 5 days left. is another single-bid auction with the bid price currently at $13,500. has 8 bids and currently sitting at $12,500.

2 years ago I could have registered all the 3-number numerical names I wanted for $6 to $7 each, depending on the registrar.  They were easy to find.  Not any more, as the value of 2 and 3 letter numerical domains are running at record high levels these days.  Need some examples?  Try, which is being sold on and with 3 days and 10 hours left on the auction has 13 bids with the high bid price currently at $6,300.  Also on Sedo is a couple of 2-number dot net domains, and  Both currently have 1 bid each of 7,000 Euros.  It’s going to be interesting to see how these domain names settle or close out.