Sells for $75,000 on SEDO

Wow!, a single word dictionary word domain name, sold on today for $75,000. Two domain name auctions I’m watching right now at involve a rare 2-letter domain name,, which has skyrocketed today to $75,000 and still has 6 days and 14 hours before the 7-day auction expires. The second is a 3-letter domain name,, which has shot to $12,005 today with 2 days and 13 hours remaining on its 7-day auction. Both domain names will obviously end up being sold for much more, depending on a host of variables, the mos important one being time.

My has 15 hours remaining on the auction and its highest bid still stands at $1,200. I’ve had over 543 reviews of the domain name page over the past week. Although traffic has been amazing to this great domaiin name, only one bidder (who has bid twice) has bid on this great brandable 5-letter domain name thus far.

MS Vista and Web Hosting Names Go on Sale

You’re going to love the two domains I just put up for 5-day auctions with a staring price of only 99 cents.  Hold on to your hats because both of these domains are outstanding. — a super domain name for a Microsoft Vista blog, forum or information site that will draw traffic for years to come is one of the two great domains.  The other domain name up for auction is none other than  — a super domain name for a web host, a web designer, a domain name reseller, a domain name registrar, etc.  It was tough for us to make the call on both domain names.  The Vista domain name is practically an guaranteed traffic magnet, and the domain name has the most brandable ring to it that I can remember.  Who would ever forget that domain name?  No one.  Click on our Ebay store button on the upper right side of our home page to take you direct to these auctions.  They were just posted minutes ago.

Two 4-Letter Ebay Domain Names Go on Auction

I just launched 2 new Ebay auctions for 4-letter domain names. The auctions are scheduled to begin between 5:15 and 5:35 PST tonight. The two, both great domain names with an eBay theme, are and So how do they have an Ebay theme? Look at the them again. Great acronyms for E Bay Jobs Xchange and E Bay Gifts Xchange. Pretty unforgettable and easy to remember, not to mention the fact that they are rare and valuable 4-letter (or LLLL ) domain names to boot. If you would like to follow these two 5-day auctions, simply login to my eBay store. Just click on the “My Ebay Store” label in the right-side menu column of this website, underneath the “Blogroll” heading