Premium Domain Names for $49 each!

I’ve got some really great domain names I’ve marked down to just $49 each.   All are great 2-word dot com’s that represent a large market niche.  Take a look at the list below:

  • – a super domain name for anyone selling Christmas items or Christmas gifts online.
  • — If you’re in the barbeque business anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,  you won’t find a greater domain name than this.  Very search engine friendly and only 6 letters long.  A true steal at $49.
  • – a short 8-letter dot com that can be used to market credit cards, debt consolidation, loans or anything debt related online.
  • — A super 3-word domain name and the perfect business name for any female webmaster.
  • — A fantastic, very descriptive, 2-word dot com domain name that would be the perfect web address for anyone running a website or blog about parenting and motherhood.
  • – A terrific 2-word domain name that caters to barbeque and grilling.  A great domain name for a barbeque website or blog, or an outstanding domain name for a barbeque magazine.

If you’re interested in buying any of the domain names above, use my contact form to send me an email about the domain name (or names) you wish to buy.  I’ll send complete payment instructions. All transfers are made within4 hours of payment.  All domain names are sold through Paypal.

Aussie Barbeque .com 2-Word Domain Name for Sale!

In the words of Crocodile Dundee, “put another shrimp on the barbie!”  You’ll be doing that and a whole lot more if you want to own this excellent Australian theme barbeque domain name, 

Australian manufactured barbeque pits have become the rage in recent years and you won’t find a better domain name to sell grills and barbeque pits made in Australia than 

Likewise, if you’re considering starting a new barbeque restaurant with an Australian theme or Aussie touch, you’ll improve your success by leaps and bounds if you name your business Aussie Barbeque and purchase to build the e-commerce division of your barbeque business.

This domain name can be purchased at by clicking here.  To buy the domain click on the “More Details” link under the Buy This Domain area (lower right side) of this web page.

This domain is easily worth 4 figures, but we’ve made it a steal for the lucky bidder.  The minimum bid is set at only $99 and our expected sale price is $299.  Escrow is handled by  All fees are paid by (the seller). – 2-word Computer & Network Support Domain Name for Sale

If you’re in the computer support business, a network or IT consultant, a new start-up PC support firm, etc., we have an excellent domain name for sale that will totally describe your business in two short words.  The domain, a dot com domain at that, is short and sweet, simply to say and spell, and totally unforgetable.  It’s and today we’re selling it for only $99

This is a super value in a short, 2-word dot com domain name that is both a search phrase and a description for an entire industry.  If you’re considering starting up your own computer and/or network support firm, then consider buying this domain name,, for only $99 and naming your business Admin Masters.

This domain name is very catchy and sure to remember by all of your clientel. 

We’re selling on a first come-first serve basis.  The lucky owner will be the first domain buyer that pays $99 for the domain name directly to our Paypal account. 

Note: This domain sold for $99.

Women’s Clothing Store Domain Name for Sale –

We have an outstanding 2-word dot com domain name for sale for women’s clothing.  The name — is sure to sell fast.   For, at a mere $79 this domain name is a real bargain.

If you’re thinking about staring a ladies dress shop, a clothing store for women or ladies of all ages, look no farther than  This is an outstanding, easy to remember, easy to spell, easy to say domain name for a woman’s clothing store. 

Perhaps you’re a tailor or have an alteration shop that caters to women.  If so, strongly consider buying this excellent domain name.

You can buy now for only $79.  We accept payment through Paypal and transfer all domain names to your domain name account within 4 hours of payment.  If you don’t have a domain name account you can get one free at

This domain name is being sold on a first come-first serve basis.  So move quickly and buy this great domain name now.   


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Great Veternarian Domain Name – for Sale

If you a Vetenarian or Doctory of Veterinary Medicine, you won’t find a better domain name to manage your online business than  This excellent two-word dot com domain name is being offered by for only $149

Easily worth $1,000 or more, this outstanding domain name for veternarian’s is another great example of what we mean when we say we sell premimum domains at discount prices. 

When you consider purchasing this domain name for your veternarian business, please keep in mind the following excellent attributes of this domain name:  (1) Easy to pronounce, (2) Easy to spell,  (3) Only 2 words, (4) Dot Com name extension, (5) Common phrase used to describe a veternarian, and (6)  doggy vet” is a search phrase.

Our price of $149 is firm and non-negotiable.  Payment is via Paypal.  All domain name transfers are made at no additional charge to your domain name account.  If you don’t have a Godaddy.c0m account you can get one free at

Keywords:  Veternarian, veterinary medicine, vet, dog doctor, doggy doctor, animal doctor, veterinary business

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