Financial Aid or Financial Aide? Both are Worth a Lot of Money

Moniker just completed its live auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York and the top two domain names to sell were for $480,000 and for $320,000.  Wow!  That’s a lot of jack for someone looking to score big in the financial aid business.  But who could forget that name in the year of the bailout? 

Financial aid?  We all need it, especially the 4 million who’s houses have been foreclosed on this year.  But these two domain name auctions where not the only ones to score big last week.

Sedo made news on 3 domain names. sold for $200,000.  Help me out on that one.  I think this one had to have swept up by Riva Motorsports. (Spanish for house), sold for 87,000 Euros, or almost $121,000 and the third domain Sedo auction was (a 2-number dot com) that sold for $124, 555.55.  An odd number indeed. Sells for $117,500 came up the big winner last week with the sale of for $117,500. The owners of purchased the domain name for $40,000 in a private sale. sold for $40,000 on, while DNForum scored the big sale of for $40,000.

When I see a domain name like go for $40,000 it makes me wonder what my domain name,, would be worth. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback with any thoughts you might have on the value of this domain name. Likewise, if you’re in the blinds business and have an interest in buying it, I’ll entertain serious offers.

In the world of 2-letter/number domain names scored a hit with the sale of for $20,500, while sold for $19,279 at One of the big surprises of the week to me was the sale of for $17,150 on

Finally, one domain name gets a lot of type-in search engine traffic, namely, went for $17,650 on The domain name brings up images of the hippy years when the term “free love” was used extensively and became a household word. These day “free love” is a highly searched term on Google, MSN and, so its no surprise that the dot com domain name version would go for such a high value. In fact, if I’m surprised at all it would be over the fact that I think the domain name could have sold for a higher value than it did. Sells for $800,000 in Private Sale

Two powerhouse domains sold in the past week. sold for $800,000 in a private sale, while sold for a whopping $579,000 on Moniker. Both domain names have the potential to become e-commerce powerhouses. It’s rather obvious that will sell printing services online, a huge market with lots of upside potential. could either be used by an affiliate software or affiliate program management company, competing against the likes of a Commission Junction, for example. Or, Affliliate viagra coupon could be used as a giant web portal that matches potential affiliates with companies having their own affliate program. If they go this route they will more than likely end up pushing work from home Internet entrepreneurs that have ruled this segment of the affiliate business for a long time.

In a time-sensitive sale of a domain related to the upcoming presidential election, the domain name sold for $8,700 on Sedo. It seems like a rather disappointing sales price for a single dictionary word domain name, but when you think of how infrequent the subject comes into play and how difficult it would be to monetize this domain name, perhaps not.

Lastly, the 2-letter domain name sold on for $220,000, while was sold in a private sale for $34,500. Goes for $50,000 has completed the sale of for $50,000. Although the domain is composed of 3 words, it is a popular saying and used frequently in the retail trade. Given that, I think it will prove to be a bargain for the buyer.

Of interest to those that track the sale 2-letter domains, Sedo is also handling the auction of and is currently standing at $60,000 with 1 day and 8 hours left on the 7-day auction. is currently standing at $55,000. I expect both domain names to be sold at a much higher price.

I’m not too big on .net domain names. But currently there’s a bargain one being sold on Sedo. I’m speaking of the auction of — which after 6 days and 19 hours only sits at $500. This one will more than likey be a steal for anyone that gets it.

The surprising sale of the week has to be, which went for $5,000.

Looking through my own cache of domain names today I discovered a few I forgot I had that may be of interest to some of you. They are:, and If you have an interest in making a bid — send me an email. Topped by Sale of sold a week a week ago for $99,000 and, another one-word domain name sold for $92,000, only to be outdone by the sale of in a private sale that brought the seller €65,640 Euros.  At today’s exchange rate that amounts to $103,625 U.S. dollars.  These three domain name sales amounted to the highest sales prices we were able to track down for sales during the third week of June. 

Another .de (German) domain name,, sold for €38,000 Euros, or approximately $59,000 U.S. dollars.  Interesting sales of one-word domains with other extensions included, which sold for $25,000 on Sedo, (a Canadian domain name), which sold for $26.242 at 

Other at we saw sell for $25,000.  But the real winners at Moniket was the sale of mentioned heretofore for $92,000, and our favorite,, which sold for $80,000. 

In the area of 2 and 3-letter domains we saw sell at for $54,977 and sell at for $22,500.  One that puzzled us until we looked up the name, was the sale of for $65,000 on  We did did some research and found a very popular Forex Trading software program that went by the same name and heretofore did not own the dot com version.  We can only assume that they were the lucky buyer of this domain name.