Domain Name Liquidation on Fifty 24/7 Theme Domain Names

Please visit my Sitepoint auction to see the latest auction I have posted.  It’s a fantastic list of 50 different 24/7 theme domain names I have owned for a while.  It is a very diversified list that cover large and popular market niches.  The collection is worth fare more than I have it priced at.  Any singular domain can be purchased for $99.  Discounts apply to multiple domain name purchases.  The auction and list of domain names in the collection can be found at this url address.

8 Great Dot Com Auctions

I posted 8 more great dot com autions today.  Domains in the list include,,,,,, and  These are al two-word bandable dot com’s.  The auction is at Sitepoint.  Each of these 8 domain names are priced below their true value, at prices ranging from $199 to $299.  You can either bid on them at Sitepoint or email us your bid, on a first come, first serve basis, using the email form on this website.  Just click on the “Submit Bids and Inquiries” menu link at the top of this webpage.