– Custom Tailor Domain Name for Sale!

Update: Sold for $799 in 2 hours!

This remarkable domain name,, is an extremly valuable domain name for any individual or company in the custom tailoring business.  Whether you’re a shirtmaker or a custom tailor making hand sewn men’s suits, you will not find a better, more memorable, or more appropriate domain name. is more than a quality 2-word dot com domain name.  It’s far more valuable, because its also a  common generic search phrase on Google, MSN, Yahoo and  In other words, when someone is searching for a tailor to make custom suits or shirts, they are more likely to search for the common two-word search phrase “men’s tailor,” than any other phrase.

You may already have a domain name that is the name of your business, but far more people worldwide will search for “mens tailor” than they will for your business name or company name.  By owning this domain and building a website for it, you’ll increase your own sales of custom made mens suits, shirts, pants and blazers by leaps and bounds when compared to your current online sales.

Now here’s the pleasant suprise for you — we’re selling for only $799. is easily worth $5,000 or more.   Thus, for no more than the price of two custom made suits, you can own yourself.  Our price of $799 is a firm non-negotiable price.  Payments are accepted by PayPal only, and all domain name transfers are made within 8 hours of receipt of payment.

Act quickly, for this domain name will not last long at this price.

Update:  Sorry, but this domain name has already sold.  It sold within 2 hours of posting this “For Sale” announcement.

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