Domain Name for Sale! a fantastic 2-word dot com domain name is for sale at the unheard of price of $99.  This is a fixed non-negotiable price.  There’s no need for negotiation.  This domain name will easily appraise for high 3-figures to low 4-figures.  For the right company, is worth $10,000 or more.

Consider the meaning of the domain name itself — i.e., cyber freelancers.  All freelance sites on the Internet, whether, or others, are in business for one reason — to match cyber freelancers with individuals and companies in need of freelancers to design websites, program scripts and software, create logos, provide proofreading, copyrighting, article writing, ebook creation, and much more.  The common link — providing freelance services that can be conducted online or electronically.

Thus, can you think of a better domain name for a freelance matching service?  I sure can’t.  You can purchase now, before someone else snatches it up.  I don’t expect this domain name to last for long.  I accept payment via Paypal and transfer the domain name freely to your Godaddy. com account.  If you don’t have a domain name account, visit now and set one up for free.  When you send payment, be sure and include your Godaddy account number and the email address you use for your account.

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