RVRental.com Sold for $325,000

Can you believe this domain name value. Just when every newspaper you pick up reminds us we’re in a recession, along comes a domain name sale like this one to remind us that America is truly the land of golden opportunities, big money and entrepreneural spirit. For, despite a sharp slowdown in RV sales as a result of the recession and job layoffs, the owner of this domain chose to sell and landed a great price in what turned out to be a private sale.

Two other great domain names that went for big bucks were the 2-letter wonders of YB.com and BJ.com. YB.com sold on Sedo for $125,000, while BJ.com went in Moniker’s live auction for $200,000. Who says no BJ is worth six-figures. (Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself).

Nothing big has been announced other than these 3 over the past week. Still leading the pack for 2008 is the sale of Fund.com which went for $9,999,950 in a private sale back in March. This price is much higher than the 1999 sale of Business.com for $7.5 million, which later turned out to be a $2 million dollar sale after the value of the illiquid Internet incubator and buyer of the domain, eCompanies, was recalculated in 2004.

Web Hosting Domain Names For Sale

I often spend so much time tracking down the sales of other domains, I end up forgetting about the value of my own domains. I own a large inventory covering numerous subjects. Given my interest in online marketing and e-commerce, it should come as no surprise that I own several domains related to web hosting. Most are for sale, others I use for my own personal hosting accounts.

These days it’s very difficult to find a great domain name for web hosting businesses. Why? Because most all good dot com domain names have been taken and their are literally thousands of independent web hosting companies in operation globally. After considering these facts I decided to see what domain names I have in inventory that I would be will to sell. They include the following web hosting domains. If you’re interested in any of them, feel free to submit a bid or inquiry by clicking the menu item “Submit Bids & Inquiries” at the top of page.

Sedo Scores Big on GGG.com and JazzMusic.com

Domain name sales rocked this week, at least over at the online domain name auction site Sedo.com.  The story lies in the sale of two domain names for great prices.  GGG.com, a super 3-letter domain name and dot com, sold for $85,000. 

The second domain name that went for a high price was JazzMusic.com, which sold for $35,500 on Sedo.com.  I checked my own inventory of music related domain names and don’t have anything that will compete close to the JazzMusic.com domain name, but nonetheless still have some valuable domain names.

Take for example, CampusMusicStore.com — which would make a great domain name for any music store located near a college or university campus.  I also own RappingOnline.com, RapMob.com and RapJaw.com.  If you have an interest in any of the domain names send me an email.

TopModel.com Sells for $117,500

SnapNames.com came up the big winner last week with the sale of TopModel.com for $117,500. The owners of OrientalFurniture.com purchased the domain name RoomDividers.com for $40,000 in a private sale. GoNYC.com sold for $40,000 on Afternic.com, while DNForum scored the big sale of Mozilla.com for $40,000.

When I see a domain name like RoomDividers.com go for $40,000 it makes me wonder what my domain name, CustomFitBlinds.com, would be worth. I’d appreciate hearing your feedback with any thoughts you might have on the value of this domain name. Likewise, if you’re in the blinds business and have an interest in buying it, I’ll entertain serious offers.

In the world of 2-letter/number domain names Sedo.com scored a hit with the sale of 7H.com for $20,500, while Y3.com sold for $19,279 at SnapNames.com. One of the big surprises of the week to me was the sale of 18.no for $17,150 on Sedo.com.

Finally, one domain name gets a lot of type-in search engine traffic, namely FreeLove.com, went for $17,650 on SnapNames.com. The domain name brings up images of the hippy years when the term “free love” was used extensively and became a household word. These day “free love” is a highly searched term on Google, MSN and Yahoo.com, so its no surprise that the dot com domain name version would go for such a high value. In fact, if I’m surprised at all it would be over the fact that I think the domain name could have sold for a higher value than it did.

Are Valuable Dot Com Domain Names Still Available?

People are always telling me that all the good domain names have been taken, and that there are no bargains in the world of domain names anymore. This is true for one-word, 2-letter, 3-letter, 4-letter and numerical domain names, but there are numerous two-word domain names of value that expire frequently and become available to the public. I know, because I purchase them regularly.

Today was no exception. I just registered two great domain names that one could quickly and easily monetize. They were HomeownerProperties.com and HomeownersForums.com. If you’re interested in buying them before I get around to taking them live and monetizing them, make an offer.

Yesterday’s collection of domain names I registered included two great 3-word domain names, TonerSalesOnline.com and CasketSalesOnline.com. I know what you’re thinking, “How morbid can I be, right?” But low income people and people with limited funds increasingly go online and to purchase caskets to help self money on the costs of a funeral. Such a domain name is easy to monetize because several casket companies sell caskets online and have affiliate programs that pay commissions averaging around 10%. Most of the sales you would make will net commissions ranging from $200 to $500.

Other valuable two-word domain names I’ve purchased recently include CashflowEnterprise.com (one could argue its a 3-word domain), AmazingCarpets.com, AmazingSeeds.com, AmazingThongs.com, AmazingTires.com and AmazingCalendars.com.  If you see any of these you like send me your best offer.