3-Number Numerical Domain Name 940.com Goes for $12,100

3-number domain names are in these days and their selling prices never cease to amaze me. 940.com sold on Sedo this week for $12,100. It will be interesting to see if these values can hold up forever for numerical domain names.

Now, in the world of 3-letter domain names a great one is currently up for auction at Sedo. With only 14 hours remaining on its 7-day auction, the 3-letter domain name cwi.com is currently priced at $13,500. This domain name is sure to go for higher. It’s tough enough getting your hands on a good 3-letter dot com, but even harder to get one that ends in an “i” — because the “i” could stand for inc., incorp, or incorporated. Take my own name, Craig Whitley Inc., boy how I would love to get my hands on this great domain name.

A sweet 2-letter dot net domain name, hm.net, is currently being acutioned on Sedo. With over 2 days left on the auction for hm.net, bidding is currently up to $12,000 for the domain. Presently its have 7 bids push it to this level.

AOV.com is super hot and has 20 bids on it thus far with 1 day and 12 hours left on its 7-day auction. The high bid currently sites at 7,100 Euros! Now how’s that for value?

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  1. Mike says:

    This is a little higher than current reseller pricing, but it certainly isn’t jaw-dropping. There were a half-dozen that sold for $xxx,xxx each recently.

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