Topped by Sale of sold a week a week ago for $99,000 and, another one-word domain name sold for $92,000, only to be outdone by the sale of in a private sale that brought the seller €65,640 Euros.  At today’s exchange rate that amounts to $103,625 U.S. dollars.  These three domain name sales amounted to the highest sales prices we were able to track down for sales during the third week of June. 

Another .de (German) domain name,, sold for €38,000 Euros, or approximately $59,000 U.S. dollars.  Interesting sales of one-word domains with other extensions included, which sold for $25,000 on Sedo, (a Canadian domain name), which sold for $26.242 at 

Other at we saw sell for $25,000.  But the real winners at Moniket was the sale of mentioned heretofore for $92,000, and our favorite,, which sold for $80,000. 

In the area of 2 and 3-letter domains we saw sell at for $54,977 and sell at for $22,500.  One that puzzled us until we looked up the name, was the sale of for $65,000 on  We did did some research and found a very popular Forex Trading software program that went by the same name and heretofore did not own the dot com version.  We can only assume that they were the lucky buyer of this domain name.

.de German Domain Sells for 10,100 Euros

The German domain name sold on for 10,100 Euro’s, or approximately $15,560 U.S. Dollars. It’s pretty much a given that the buyer of this domain name will use it as a retail site, whether to market photo processing, camera’s, photographic equipment, online photo storage and galleries, etc. Thus, assuming I’m correct with that assumption, I think they picked this domain up at a very good price.

Every now and then a domain name sells for a pretty good price and you say to yourself, “Say what?” or “I don’t get it.” Such is the case with the sale of for $2,550.  Okay, this domain name does have a ring to it, I give you that much, but would be a much better domain name if this was purchased for a music sales and distribution website.  On the other hand, if the idea is to create on online venture where you pay for Internet storage of your digital music file (i.e. tunes), then I can see where this domain name could really catch on. 

3-Number Numerical Domain Name Goes for $12,100

3-number domain names are in these days and their selling prices never cease to amaze me. sold on Sedo this week for $12,100. It will be interesting to see if these values can hold up forever for numerical domain names.

Now, in the world of 3-letter domain names a great one is currently up for auction at Sedo. With only 14 hours remaining on its 7-day auction, the 3-letter domain name is currently priced at $13,500. This domain name is sure to go for higher. It’s tough enough getting your hands on a good 3-letter dot com, but even harder to get one that ends in an “i” — because the “i” could stand for inc., incorp, or incorporated. Take my own name, Craig Whitley Inc., boy how I would love to get my hands on this great domain name.

A sweet 2-letter dot net domain name,, is currently being acutioned on Sedo. With over 2 days left on the auction for, bidding is currently up to $12,000 for the domain. Presently its have 7 bids push it to this level. is super hot and has 20 bids on it thus far with 1 day and 12 hours left on its 7-day auction. The high bid currently sites at 7,100 Euros! Now how’s that for value? Goes for $150,000 – Top Seller in May leads the list of domains sold above $35,000 during the month of May.  It sold on last week.  But here’s a real suprise for you. sold for $120,107 on   Can you believe that one folks?  Sure, I see great value in that domain name, but $120,000 worth!, named after a city I once lived in for 15 years, was sold on for $70,000 in May.  The number domain,, sold for a whopping $92,000 on  That one buckled my knees.  I can’t tell you how any times I had an opportunity to buy a number domain 5 years ago and thought “Who would want a number over a name?”  Reminds me of the time in 1981 I had $19,000 to blow and thought — “Should I buy Microsoft or invest in a computer store?”  Yep, you guessed it — I put all the money in the computer store, shutting it down 6 months later for lack of sales.  That little 19 grand would be worth over $6 million dollars today. sold for $64,000 on Sedo last week.  You can see how that domain name will be used, a great one at that!  A private sale of went for $25,000 — a super sell for a .info domain name.  Lastly, sold on Sedo for $35,000 — not bad for a dot net domain name.