One Word Domain Name Auctions

Several one-word domain name auctions are currently taking place on is currently sitting at $20,000 with 1 bid, but has 5 days and 14 hours left on the auction.  Surprisingly, is at the top of the 7-day auction list at 36,000 Euros from a single bidder.

Three new one-word domains have started 7-day auctions witin the last 10 to 11 hours, and equally surprising, they are sitting at very low bid levels as I write this post. is currently at $500, is resting at $150 and is at $107.  Obviously, there’s lots of time left on these auctions and we surely expect all three of these domains to go very high.  We’ll try to keep you in touch with these auctions in the coming days.

Speaking of one-word domain names, I found one in my inventory yesterday I had totally forgotten I owned.  The domain is   — maybe not the best one-word domain name, but it would be a great domain name for a website about sports, whether it be a listing of athletes who qualified for various sports, athletes that qualified to make the Olympics team, etc.   If you’re interested in it, make me great offer.

I received a $300 offer for my domain, but chose not to sell it.  I think its a great name for a bike shop or anyone wishing to sell products you peddler, whether it be bicycles, exercise bikes, paddle boats, etc.  Make me a high 3-figure offer and the domain name can be yours.

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    What do you think is worth?

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