Sales for Disappointing $11,112 Dollars

Just when you thought 3-letter dot com’s were jumping to higher levels, in comes the surprise that just sold on for $11,112. When you consider the fact that sold for $10,000 on Sedo a year ago, along comes the shocker that barely tops the sale of some 3-letter dot net domains made over the past year.

In other news, sold for $4,000, sold for $8,000, sold for $5,000, sold for $3,000 and sold for $5,000.

Bigger domain name sales did occur. It wasn’t but just 2 weeks ago that sold for $40,000. When you compare that to the $11,112 sale of, somehow things just don’t make sense. A big shocker also was the $150,000 sale of — a geodomain no doubtedly aimed cover the daily affairs, news and going’s on of Bellevue, Washington, a city of 100,000.

Lastly, the finance domain name,, sold on for $75,000.

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