2-Word Domain Names of Value

As noted in prior posts, I personally own approximately 4,500 domain names.  There’s one thing I can say about owning so many domains, and that is its impossible to remember all the good ones you have.  I own many that are catchy, memorable, easy to say, easy to pronounce, one-word and two-word — you name it.  But frankly, it takes a very long time to screen the list and the larger the list, the more difficult it becomes to establish or determine what is likely to sell quickly and what takes a time to sell it.

I’ll give you a few examples of what I’m talking about.  I will use actual domain names I own.  Take for example WorkingCat.com — owned for some time now and it still gets lots of hits at a cash parking site.   I’ve never tried to market this domain name and the longer I keep it the more I fall in love with it.   And God is it popular.  With just a one-page cash parking site it will average about 500 to 550 hits per month.   My asking price for WorkingCat.com is $1,000 if you have an interest in buying it.

Down the traffic curve a ways are my domain names YourHype.com and QuickBillion.com.  These domain names don’t get a lot of traffic as one-page cash parking sites, but they are catchy and people come to each often as a result of typing in the domain name, as opposed to finding them via search engine.  My asking price for each of these domian names is $600.

More to my 2-word domain name liking is a couple of other domain names I own – GoFones.com and TexasSUV.com.  The first would be a great domain name for a cell phone seller, while the latter is an excellent domain name for a custom SUV shop, for example.  My asking price for GoFones.com is $500 and my asking  price for TexasSUV.com is $250.  If you care to bid on any of these 6 domain names please send my your bid and contact info via the online form.

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