3-Letter Domain Name Sells for $40,000

Taz.com sold for $40,000 yesterday on Sedo.com. This is one of the higher selling prices we’ve witnessed in a while for a 3-letter domain. Most have been selling in the $20,000 to $30,000 range lately, but then again it depends on the letters. For a domain with a “z” in it to go for $40,000 is unusual, but then again “Taz” is a nickname, its short for Tazmania, its short for the Tazmanian Devil, its easy to remember and very brandable.

Other domains selling at notable prices include Posse.com – a single dictionary word domain which sold for $24,500 on Sedo.com. GotDirt.com sold for $4,600, Hightop.com sold for $2,500 and MyLifeID.com sold for $2,700.

Of note on Afternic.com was the sale off YourChat.com for $35,200. Bravo for the seller of that domain name. I would have never thought it woiuld have gone for that high of a price, but when you consider the value of social networking giant MySpace.com, a name like YourChat.com has tremendous upside potential.

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  1. dotcomtrees says:

    Just wondering if 3d before or after a generic name could be worth something… after all, the internet is going 3d so it has been said.

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