Sells for $4,000

Catching the wave of Lance Armstrong’s yellow bracelets for cancer, and now numerous other colors like pink for breast cancer, and perhaps even playing on the use of jelly bracelets as “sex bracelets,” sold for $4,000 on Sedo yesterday.

The new rage with jelly bracelets that is highly popular in middle schools, high schools and colleges across America these days is “snapping” the bracelet another person is wearing in hopes of engaging in some sort of sex act that the color of the bracelet represents. It is highly possible that the seller of this domain name was not aware of the revenue potential this domain name is capable of achieving. It sends a clear message to all domain name owners to research the potential of your domain name carefully before selling it.

If you see your child wearing jelly bracelets I highly advise you to check the color of the bracelet and Google “sex bracelets” to see what it might could mean.

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