Recent Domain Name Sales

Recent domain name sales that have garnered some pretty hefty prices included 2 domains sold at  They included that sold for $100,000 and that sold for $26,000.  Of the two, some might would have though that a 5-letter dictionary word domain like should have sold for more, but when you consider the high value placed on social networking sites and dating sites these days, you quickly come to realize that $100,000 for has the potential of becoming a bargain price for the person or company that purchased it.

Of the social networking domain names I personally own, I consider my to be the most valuable.  It has great potential for the right buyer with social networking and multiple community portal plans.  If anyone is interested in buying, I’ll consider offers provided they’re in the 5-figure range.  My has the potential to be a great social networking domain name with lots of montetization potential.  I visualize it being able to sell just about anything teenagers would be interested in, plus all the supplies and apparel associated with high school students, plus GED degrees, cheerleader supplies, etc.  I’m the original owner of and its got a clean history. sold for $33,725 on Moniker during the week of April 21, 2008, along with for $25,350 and for $17,500.  In a blindfold test no one would have ever guess that BathSafety would have sold for more than either or  Of the three, I feel has the bigger and more profitable audience, but its up against stiff competition in the online financing arena, whereas is a great domain name that accurately describes a very narrow but lucrative market niche.

The top domain name sold on Moniker/TRAFFIC during the week of April 21 was actually, which sold for $92,500.  I would have thought it would have gone for higher.  A great one-word d0main name that sold was — which sold for $27,000 on Moniker/CAC.  Okay, I give up — why didn’t sell for a higher price?  I think that domain was worth so much more than $27,000.  This is living proof that you need to develop your domain names if you want to get maximum value.  You can’t always hold out for name alone.

On the 3-letter domain name front, (a super 3-letter domain) sold on for $18,250, while sold for $15,000 on Afternic.  Would someone please give me an education via comment.  I must be getting old or else I’m asleep at the wheel.  For the life of me I’m not sure I know what and HD2 is — do you? 

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