Bucket.com Attracts a Bucket of Cash

Two days ago Bucket.com sold on Sedo.com for $30,000. Sure it was just one word, it was a dot com, it only had 6 letters, its easy to say and easy to spell. But $30,000? C’mon folks, what is the buyer thinking? Hopefully, he plans to sell buckets. But what if he doesn’t. Then he had no choice but to seek ways to branding the term bucket until it becomes a household word with another meaning. As for me, I hope he opts to sell buckets, for if he doesn’t, branding the word bucket for another meaning altogether will not be easy.

Currently, the highest bid on Sedo’s 7-day auction is at $29,000 for the domain name, Derek.com. If you’re wealthy and your name is Derek, I guess you can say its worth paying $29K for Derek.com. But if you just bidding on this domain name because its a one-word dot come, maybe you better develop a good business plan for a domain name before you place a firm bid on it.

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