What is a Domain Name Worth?

A few weeks ago Pizza.com sold for $2.6 million dollars. Granted, its a popular subject, it was an active domain name getting hits and it is a highly searched term. The success story behind this domain name’s selling price sparked an interest in many Pizza domains.

I own several Pizza domains, including AAAPizza.com, AAAPizzas.com, PizzaStars.com, SubsnPizza.com, PizzaGeneral.com, HurryPizza.com, PizzaServe.com, PizzaDispatcher.com, OrderPizza247.com, TonysPizzaAndWings.com, PizzaCraftsman.com, NYCPizzaDelivery.com (New York Pizza Delivery), PizzasNYC.com, HoustonPizzas.com, JoeMommasPizza.com, HomeDeliveryForPizza.com, 24HrPizzaCafe.com, CraigsPizza.com (that’s me!), MesquitePizza.com and last, but not least, NewYorkPizzaCompany.com.

Of the 20 names I have received and turned down offers for HurryPizza.com, NewYorkPizzaCompany.com, SubsnPizza.com and NYCPizzaDelivery.com. Only yesterday I received an initial offer of $500 for NewYorkPizzaCompany.com. I turned it down and the bidder was still willing to bid higher. For now, I’m not in a hurry unless someone steps up to the plate and offers something closer in line to what this domain is worth, which brings me to the questions I would like to ask you to comment on. Just click the blue “Click to Comment” button below and give me your 2 cents on the following questions:

1. How much do you think NewYorkPizzaCompany.com is worth?
2. How much do you think the entire 20-name collection is worth?
3. Rank 1, 2 and 3 — which of the 3 domain names do you think are the most valuable.

I look forward to seeing and reading your comments.

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