What is Free Adult Sex Worth?

Free is free, right?  Well, not necessarily, at least not in the domain name world.  I happened to notice today that the domain name, FreeAdultSex.com, sold on Sedo.com for $3,000.  It only stands to reason that anything related to the oldest profession on earth should be of value, right?  :o)  One can only imagine what the new domain name owner will want to do with that domain.

One surprising domain name sale I happened to stumble upon was the sale of MyTulsa.com.  Rather than keep you guessing, I’ll just blurt it out — it sold for a surprising $10,000.  At least it was surprising in my book.  No doubt it will be used to build one of the popular community forums that focus on cities.  We’re seeing this a lot these days.  Knowning that city domain names can be valuable if the right people are running the website, I picked up BaltimoreFYI.com off an expired list today.  For those of you still living under a rock, FYI stands for “for your information.”  I also picked up FYIEurope.com and FYIIndia.com off a dropped list today.  I feel as if all 3 can becomee very valuable community websites.

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