Can a 2-Letter Dot Com Really Be Worth $495,000

You bet it can, and it doesn’t have to be a great one to fetch those kind of bucks these days. Currently, there are three 2-letter dot com auctions going on at All have just 2 days and 23 hours left on a 7-day auction. The domains are:, and One of them has 9 bids and is currently up to $495,000, and the reserve price still hasn’t been met. Want to guess which one?

If your answer was, then you answered right. The other two currently sit at $185,000 and 6 bids for XU acyclovir, and $90,000 and 6 bids for In each of those cases the reserve price has also not been hit yet. I doubt seriously that any of these bidders have a business in mind to match these 2-letter domains. My best guess is that all bidders are strictly playing on the hunch that a 2-letter domain name can never go down in value. But its always possible that a company name could match these simple letters. For example, a company operating as Xcel Petroleum, Zenith Resources or Xtreme Unlimited could be adapted to fit any one of these domain names. Xcel Energy is a real company operating in the wind power business. Although its hard to conceive of them moving into the petroleum-based energy business, anything’s possible.

Lastly, think of the brand exposure that the letters XP have already been able to claim in the Windows XP world. XP has become part of our vernacular, yet the letters could be used for other purposes. Anyone wishing to comment on this article with their guess at what these domain names might go for is welcome to do so. Just click on the comment button below.

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  1. wiggletooth says:

    Many of the 2 letter dotcom’s have gone for $500,000 – 1+ Million so it is not surprising to see more doing the same.

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