Auction Takes a Setback

In my last report of the 7-day auction, the price had risen to 750,000 Euros with 15 bids. I dropped by yesterday to notice that 2 bids had been removed and the price had fallen to 300,000 Euros. I would like to be a birdie on the wall at Sedo to know what provoked either the withdrawal or cancellation of two bids.

The auction set at 300,000 Euros for several hours, but by yesterday evening had risen back to 500,000 Euros. It was a huge jump, yet the number of bids had only risen by 1, to 14 total. Help me here folks, why would anyone place a bid 200,000 Euros higher than the last bid price? Hard to figure that strategy, but so far it is working, as the price still sits at 500,000 Euros with only 13 hourrs to go.

If the price doesn’t move higher for, the owner/seller of this domain must feel very deflated. After seeing his domain jump to 750,000 Euros so quickly, and on the heels of the recent sell of for $2.6 million greenbacks, I’m sure he or she has got to be disappointed in the way this auction has gone the past couple of days.

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