With 4 Days to go, Dollars.com Roars to 750,000 Euros

In case there were any doubters, Dollars.com now has 15 bids with a high bid of 750,000 euros — about $1,185,460 at today’s currency rates. The reserve price has been met, so this domain name will sell. I’m curious, however. It occurred to me today that the singular form of this dictionary word domain name could possibly be as valuable and could pull traffic away from this domain name in the future.

What is your take on this? I welcome your comments. If you owned Dollars.com you would more than likely also want to own Dollar.com. But wait, Dollar.com is the home of Dollar Rent a Car. Would you want Dollar Rent a Car getting some of your traffic if you owned Dollars.com? I don’t think so.

Give me a good ole one-word domain name like pizza.com anyday. Oh wait, maybe not, what if someone was searching for pizzas, should I have also tired to purchase pizzas.com when pizza.com went for $2.6 million. Crazy, huh?

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