Soars to 55,000 Euros! has been awarded the rights to auction  On the heals of the $2.6 million dollar sale of, the single dictionary word domain name,, is sure to be another big hit.  The domain was just placed in a 7-day auction today.  I think we all know it will easily sell above $1 million, but we must consider how it can be used to predict within a decent range where it will end up.  I can easily see it being used for a currency exchange site, maybe a new name for an online dollar store, it’s really anyone’s guess. 

I’ve decided to run another contest.  If you will simply submit a comment to this article and guess what you think the final bid will be for this great domain name, I’m giving away a 4-letter domain name to the person who submits the closest estimate to the final bid price.  I’m purposely saying “final bid price” because we don’t yet know what the reserve price is and whether or not it will be reached.

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