Sold for $2.6 Million, which was owned by Chris Clark of North Potomac, Maryland, ended up selling for $2,605,000 on its 7-day auction. Clark first purchased the domain name for $20 over 14 years ago and has regularly renewed the domain name in hope of cashing in on a big pay day one day. Well, his ship has finally come in.

Clark had been operating as a pizza restaurant directory for the past few years, selling advertising that was sufficient to pay the $5,000 annual cost of programming and maintaining the domain once he took it live. He finally decided to sell the domain after reading of selling for $3 million. He had read that had handled the sale and decided to use them as well.

What I find amazing is that he placed it on Sedo, got a $100 bid, elected to go with a 7-day auction, and the rest is history. Imagine the exhilaration of seeing your domain name sale run from $100 to $2.6 million. I’ve learned that Clark had his reserve price set at $2 million. He was actually vacationing with his children in Orlando, Florida while the auction was going on. Clarks 3 kids were glued to their laptops watching the selling price skyrocket.

Once the auction hit $2 million on March 29, Clark became glued to the auction as well. It eventually closed around 2 pm on April 3 with a new millionaire added to the U.S. population. Not a bad investment for a guy who originally purchased the domain to sway a pizzeria to do business with his young web-consulting firm. Funny thing is, the pizzeria declined to take him up on his offer, and Clark is all the better off for it.

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