How to Increase the Value of a Domain Name

There are many ways to increase the value of a domain name, but none more valuable and successful than adding content and driving traffic to the domain name.  If I had to guess I would say that over 95% of the domain names that are truly for sale, are domains without a developed website.  Unless you are lucky enough to own a one word dictionary domain name like my or a 3-letter domain name like my or, you will need to develop a website, keep it long enough to get indexing in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask to stand a chance of reaping the true value of a domain name.

You probably don’t want to hear that more work is ahead of you to fetch a higher value of your domain name because you likely own many domain names you wish to sell and the thought of creating sites for all of them is a monumentous daunting proposition.  Well, there are many ways to go about doing this and in the coming days I’ll share a few that will automate the process as best possible.  However, one great way to do it manually is to get an web hosting account at Web Hosting Pad or Host Gator, use the Fantastico utility that will come with your hosting account to install a WordPress blog for your domain name, and then begin writing.  Writing just one short article a week can easily get you indexed in all four major search engines in a short period of time.  Then writing one or two articles per month will keep the search engines coming fairly regular and providing deeper search engine indexing, the likelihood for more inbound links and constantly raising the value of your domain name. 

Running Google Adsense ads on your site will garner enough income over the course of a year to easily pay for your domain name renewals.  Thus, if you want to build a really nice nest egg for yourself and begin cashing in later in life rather than, say, a few months from the completion of your new website, you can feel secure in knowing that the longer you keep your domain name the more it will increase in value.

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