What is a Domain Name Worth?

A few weeks ago Pizza.com sold for $2.6 million dollars. Granted, its a popular subject, it was an active domain name getting hits and it is a highly searched term. The success story behind this domain name’s selling price sparked an interest in many Pizza domains.

I own several Pizza domains, including AAAPizza.com, AAAPizzas.com, PizzaStars.com, SubsnPizza.com, PizzaGeneral.com, HurryPizza.com, PizzaServe.com, PizzaDispatcher.com, OrderPizza247.com, TonysPizzaAndWings.com, PizzaCraftsman.com, NYCPizzaDelivery.com (New York Pizza Delivery), PizzasNYC.com, HoustonPizzas.com, JoeMommasPizza.com, HomeDeliveryForPizza.com, 24HrPizzaCafe.com, CraigsPizza.com (that’s me!), MesquitePizza.com and last, but not least, NewYorkPizzaCompany.com.

Of the 20 names I have received and turned down offers for HurryPizza.com, NewYorkPizzaCompany.com, SubsnPizza.com and NYCPizzaDelivery.com. Only yesterday I received an initial offer of $500 for NewYorkPizzaCompany.com. I turned it down and the bidder was still willing to bid higher. For now, I’m not in a hurry unless someone steps up to the plate and offers something closer in line to what this domain is worth, which brings me to the questions I would like to ask you to comment on. Just click the blue “Click to Comment” button below and give me your 2 cents on the following questions:

1. How much do you think NewYorkPizzaCompany.com is worth?
2. How much do you think the entire 20-name collection is worth?
3. Rank 1, 2 and 3 — which of the 3 domain names do you think are the most valuable.

I look forward to seeing and reading your comments.

What is Free Adult Sex Worth?

Free is free, right?  Well, not necessarily, at least not in the domain name world.  I happened to notice today that the domain name, FreeAdultSex.com, sold on Sedo.com for $3,000.  It only stands to reason that anything related to the oldest profession on earth should be of value, right?  :o)  One can only imagine what the new domain name owner will want to do with that domain.

One surprising domain name sale I happened to stumble upon was the sale of MyTulsa.com.  Rather than keep you guessing, I’ll just blurt it out — it sold for a surprising $10,000.  At least it was surprising in my book.  No doubt it will be used to build one of the popular community forums that focus on cities.  We’re seeing this a lot these days.  Knowning that city domain names can be valuable if the right people are running the website, I picked up BaltimoreFYI.com off an expired list today.  For those of you still living under a rock, FYI stands for “for your information.”  I also picked up FYIEurope.com and FYIIndia.com off a dropped list today.  I feel as if all 3 can becomee very valuable community websites.

One-Word Dot Com Discovered on Expired Domain Names List

While visually screening an expired domain names list I found, to my surprise, a one-word dot com, that had expired on March 1, 2008. I checked and to my surprise and astonishment, the domain name had not been taken and was available for registration. So why was this domain name overlooked. Well, for one, it is not in the common vernacular of the general public. Secondly, its likely not in all dictionaries yet, but it will be in a matter of time. Why? Because its a relatively new Internet word, one of the new words of our decade.

So what’s the word and domain name. Quite simply, Wikifying.com — an Internet buzzword that is repeated on 25,800 web pages indexed by Google. The word itself may be less than 5 years old, but certainly less than 10 years old. Still, it is growing in popularity and will only be used more and more in the future. For example, a recent article at Popsci.com announced that Google was in the process of “wikifying” its Google Maps program. An August 2007 article at Columbuser.com about Ohio elections ran under the headline “Wikifying Ohio’s Elections.”

For anyone familiar with the widespread popularity of Wikipedia.org and Wiki’s in general, you’ll know that my discovery and registration of Wikifying.com is worth many thousands of dollars. Given how I just stumbled across the domain doing one of my manual screens of a 90-day dropped domains list, the lucky find reminds me of those diamond discoveries we read about once every few years when a tourist visits the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas and just happens to discovers a valuable diamond, in the same spot where thousands of other tourist have trampled beforehand.

Can a 2-Letter Dot Com Really Be Worth $495,000

You bet it can, and it doesn’t have to be a great one to fetch those kind of bucks these days. Currently, there are three 2-letter dot com auctions going on at Sedo.com. All have just 2 days and 23 hours left on a 7-day auction. The domains are: XP.com, XU.com and ZR.com. One of them has 9 bids and is currently up to $495,000, and the reserve price still hasn’t been met. Want to guess which one?

If your answer was XP.com, then you answered right. The other two currently sit at $185,000 and 6 bids for XU acyclovir price.com, and $90,000 and 6 bids for ZR.com. In each of those cases the reserve price has also not been hit yet. I doubt seriously that any of these bidders have a business in mind to match these 2-letter domains. My best guess is that all bidders are strictly playing on the hunch that a 2-letter domain name can never go down in value. But its always possible that a company name could match these simple letters. For example, a company operating as Xcel Petroleum, Zenith Resources or Xtreme Unlimited could be adapted to fit any one of these domain names. Xcel Energy is a real company operating in the wind power business. Although its hard to conceive of them moving into the petroleum-based energy business, anything’s possible.

Lastly, think of the brand exposure that the letters XP have already been able to claim in the Windows XP world. XP has become part of our vernacular, yet the letters could be used for other purposes. Anyone wishing to comment on this article with their guess at what these domain names might go for is welcome to do so. Just click on the comment button below.

Cut Your Domain Name Registration Costs Up to 46%

With the exception of about 90 domain names I still have registered at Enom Central, I use Godaddy.com for the remainder of the 4,500+ domain names I own.  About 1,500 of those are registered through my Godaddy reseller account, which places all domain registrations through Godaddy’s reseller ID of Wild West Domains. 

The url for my domain name reseller account is http://www.costcutterdomains — as I operate my domain name registration business under the name, CostCutterDomains.com.  As of this writing I still sell domain name registrations at CostCutter Domains for $8.95 plus ICANN’s standard fees, which is a nice discount off of Godaddy’s current standard registration cost of $9.99 plus ICANN fees of 20 cents per domain.   That $1.04 per domain is quite a savings, given the fact that domain registration costs are going up.

The cost of a reseller account varies, depending on the type of reseller account you choose to purchase. If you wish to purchase a Godaddy reseller account, you can do so at http://www.vdomainstore.com .  You will find there are 2 different reseller account options — a Basic Option for $99 that allows you to buy domain names at $8.18 each, and a Pro Reseller option for $179 that puts your cost of domain names at $7.43 each.  This will allow you to resell a host of services provided by Godaddy, including hosting and secure certificates.  Thus, you can not only use a reseller account with Godaddy to cut the overall cost of your own domain names, but also to make a healthy profit on domain, hosting and other domain name management services.  I encourage you to visit http://www.vDomainStore.com and check out the array of benefits of having your own Godaddy/WildWestDomains.com reseller account.

Here’s a nice moneymaking tip for you.  Get a reseller account, purchase a domain and sell it on Ebay.  When you transfer the domain name to the buyer it will be through your reseller account.  I’ve done this with several hundred domain names and found that 93.6% the new owners opt to keep their domain names registered through my reseller account rather than transfer it to another registrar.  Thus, I earn a nice commission from domain name renewals every year, plus commissions from the other services they opt to purchase.  Once again, check out the Godaddy reseller options available to you at http://www.vDomainStore.com .

Now, if you have no interest in earning money on hosting services, certificate sales and other services offered by Godaddy, and only wish to save money on domain names, I encourage you to consider joining the GoDaddy.com Discount Domain Club
— which offers savings up to 46%, depending on the domain name extension.  You may wonder why I don’t have all of my domains registered through my reseller account.  It’s because I found out that I could buy a GoDaddy.com Discount Domain Club
 membership for $89.95 per year and cut the cost of my domain names to only $6.85 plus the 20 cent ICANN fee.  Thus, the bulk of my domain names only cost me $7.05 each.  That’s a savings of 30.5% off the current standard .com registration fees at Godaddy!  I only have to own 29 domain names to break even on this investment. 

My actual cost per domain is actually less than my cost per domain through my reseller account.  In fact, I really don’t understand why Godaddy offers the Discount Domain Club.  It still remains a little-known secret because they don’t promote it.  I only stumbled across it by surfing the Godaddy domain at length one night.  Whether you opt to go the reseller route and promote multiple domain name registration and hosting services, or join the GoDaddy.com Discount Domain Club
you can’t go wrong. The Club will lower your costs per domain name registration the greatest, while the reseller account offers you a whole new line of business you can promote. If you own a lot of domain names like me, I encourage you to consider joining both.