Auction Sails to $2,505,000 With 4 Days to Go!

What can I say?  My prediction that would sell for over $1,000,000 has not only come true, but $1 million dollars now seems like a distant memory.  With over 4 days to go on this 7-day auction, may very well be on the way to setting a domain name sales record.  The folks at Sedo have to be happy, given the fact that they will earn a 10% commission on the auction, assuming their standard rates apply. 

The total number of bids have leapfrogged to 63 bids in all.  The reserve price has now been met, so its clear the domain name will sell.  I predict the staggering rate it has skyrocketed will now slow down, as the number of players that can afford over $2.5 million has to have narrowed.  Nonetheless, this has been a fun ride and the buzz over this domain name auction is surely to last for a long period of time.

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  1. Wow, nearly 22 bidders are now in this hottest auction, at present. I thought that the initial bid will be from 1 Million. But i got astonished, the auction is started just from 100 bucks. It shows that this domain is a real Gem, so only it has reached its reserve and still goes on like a sky rocket. but think of the situation that of Rick @ ebay didnt met the reserve itself

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