Auction Jumps to $999,999 With 5 Days to Go!

If you questioned my thinking when I predicted last night that would sell for over $1 millon dollars, doubt me no more.  With 5 days and 12 hours remaining on its 7-day auction at Sedo, has 30 bids and a high bid only $1,001 short of the million dollar mark at $999,999.  This puppy is screaming and is going down in domain name sales lore as one of the biggest sales of the past 2 years, mark my word. 

Just to prove how value a great single word domain name might be, whether it is a dot com or not, the domain name is also on a 7-day auction at and also has 5 days and 12 hours remaining. currently has 6 bids with a high bid of $49,999 and lots of time to spare.  It’s going to be interesting to see just how high a dot net domain can sell. 

It’s time now for my readers to wake up and post a comment.  To the lucky commentor that guesses the closet to the actual selling price of I will give you free, the 4-letter dot com domain name  So click the blue button below and file your comment and final bid estimate for now.

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