Oh My God! Pizza.com Shoots to $621,000 Overnight!

It appears that my prediction that Pizza.com will sell for over $1,000,000 will come true. With 5 days and 22 hours left on its 7-day Sedo domain name auction, this domain sale has shot from $403,500 when I wrote about it last night to $621,000 today. What more — the auction’s reserve price still has not been met. This is a sheer adrenalin rush watching this baby pick up ever-higher bids, with 29 bids received thus far.

In other news, there┬áhave been several premium domain name sales on Sedo the past couple of days that have raised more than few eyebrows. MyBuilder.com sold for $25,000 (a shocker), Autograph.com sold for $55,000 (probably could have gone for more) and GreenPackaging.com sold for (are you ready?) — an unbelievable $25,000. Where are all you people willing to throw away dollars when I’m selling? In reality, the real surpise here is not what the buyer paid for GreenPackaging.com, its the fact that the seller was willing to hold on to it for that long. What’s going on here is obviously the “green is good” fad with renewables, recycling, etc. in developing countries. But whoever thought anyone in the packaging business would be willing to pay this much, unless of course the family name is Green, the company already exists, etc. You never know, and I’ve already spent far too much time talking about GreenPackaging.com.

Guess Closest to the Selling Price of Pizza.com and Win IBXZ.com

Don’t forget the contest I’m running. Submit a comment to any article I write about Pizza.com before the auction closes, guess what you think the final price will be. The closest estimate to the actual closing price (whether it hits the reserve price or not) will win a free 4-letter.com from me — IBXZ.com. Add you comment by clicking on the blue button below.

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