Widgets.com Bidding Peaks at $175,100 With No Sale

The eBay auction for Widgets.com closed without meeting the reserved price. A total of 66 bids took place over the course of the 7-day auction, with the 66th bid coming in at $175,100. Since that wasn’t enough to surpass the reserve price the domain name went unsold. The auction drew an amazing 2,890 visits, so it was obvious the seller did a good job of pre-promoting his auction, as most domain auctions on Ebay attract less than 150 visitors.

In more news, my research project on determining the value of 4-letter domain names on Ebay versus Sedo and TDNAM.com is nearing an end. I’m choosing to keep great 4-letter domain names like PGAU.com and selling off 4-letter domains that contain an X, Y, Z, K, Q or V in them. Ten recent sales of these type of 4-letter dot com’s on TDNAM.com averaged only $60 each. Consistently, sales of similar 4-letter domain names on Ebay fetch $52 to $62 each, thus the market for these type of 4-letter domains in these two forum (i.e., Ebay and TDNAM), where domains get very little traffic exposure during a limited period of time, run in the $50 to $60 range. All of these domain names have a true value much greater than this, for there is only a limited number of 4-letter domain names.

An observation of sales on Sedo.com for similar domains reveals that the sellers are setting most of the domains that fall under this category (i.e., 4-letter dot coms with X, Y, Z, K, Q or V) create a reserve price of $60 (basically what the names go for on Ebay or TDNAM.com) and then once they get the $60 bid they decline the bid and push the domain name into a 7-day auction, whereby they gain much more exposure and end up going for a much higher selling price. It’s all about exposure and marketing baby, and this is one excellent way of doing it. For reference, and as a general footnote, you cannot put a domain name into a 7-day auction on Sedo until it receives a bid. An example of what I’m talking about can be seen in RZOR.com, which with 2 days remaining on its 7-day Sedo auction has 2 bids and is at $300. Examples of the $60 starting point can be found with NVMU.com and HXOE.com, which have 2 days remaining and are still at their single bid of $60 each. Both will likely go for more.

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