Widgets.com Tops $160,000 on Ebay!

Wow! I’m still finding it hard to believe that a domain name auction on Ebay appears to be closing in on a sales price indicative of its true value. With 10 hours and 32 minutes to go, Widgets.com has attracted 64 bids and is now up to $160,700. And here’s the kicker — the reserve price has not been met yet! Can you believe that. Think about this one for a minute. Let’s say you were the lucky winner, which will be at a price higher than $160,700 obviously — what line of business would you establish to make use of the domain name. Would you use it for a gadgets site? A new restaurant chain perhaps? Or, possibly a hub or community portal for inventions. I can’t wait to see if the reserve price is met, what it ends up selling for and how it will be used.

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