Bids Hit $35,000

With 4 hours to go on its Sedo auction, has hit $35,000. Actually, the domain name seller was pretty wise. He was able to get his buyer up to $35,000 before going to auction. The original bidder remains the only bidder with just 4 hours to go in a 7-day auction. On the one hand the buyer is likely relieved. On the other he must be wondering if he has overpaid. On another auction of a dictionary word .net domain name, is up to $3,600 with 2 bids and 4 days left on the auction.

Have you been wondering lately what the value of a 3-digit numerical domain might be? The owner of has placed his domain on a 7-day auction and already has 6 bids in its first day. With just a little over 6 days remaining, bidding is already up to $7,500. Just 2 years ago I could have registered 3-digit numerical domain names all day long and was too stupid to see the value. Even a 3-digit numerical .net name has value. With about 2 hours remaining on a 7-day auction, has 20 bids and is up to $865. Sorta crazy, huh?

I’m not sure what ended up selling for the other day. I haven’t been able to confirm it. But the last time I checked, about a day before the auction expiration, bids were up to $81,000., a sweet 3-letter dot com, is going to close in 2 days. The highest bid is currently $15,505.

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