YW.com Bids Hit $75,000 With 3 Days Remaining

With 3 days and 13 hours remaining, bids for the 2-letter domain name YW.com hit $75,000. Both “Y” and “W” are considered difficult letters that normally taint the value of a 4-letter domain, but not so with this 2-letter domain name. It can mean many things to the successful winner of this auction. For example, it would stand for “Your Web,” “Young Women,” “Your Work,” “Yesterday’s Woman,” etc. I’m really pumped about this auction and looking forward to seeing just how high it will go. BCE.com, a sweet 3-letter domain with 6 days and 12 hours left on its 7-day auction, has already climbed to $9,800.

On a much smaller note I sold several 4-letter domain names today. One I was worried about on value that sold quickly with my EBay Buy it Now, or BIN, auction was IAQL.com. It went for $149. As noted yesterday, my Zoles.com sold for $1,250 on Sedo. A private sale of my TexasBreastImplants.com several months ago went for $2,250. All 3 of these domain names are fine examples of domains I picked up off a dropped, or expired domains, list and registered for $7.05 each. I also sold CUJT.com yesterday for $99 on a BIN auction. Bids for my InstantBidder.com have climbed to $100. A private offer for MillionaireAlliance.com, another domain name I own, was received yesterday for $500. I declined the sale and will hold out for a higher price.

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