Sells for $10,000, a two-word dot com focused on the theme of gay weddings, a topic in the news almost daily these days, sold on Sedo yesterday for $10,000. A one-word dictionary domain name,, sold for $6,100. Two 4-letter domain names went for above $800, with going for $1,000 and going for $877. Two domains that went for more than I would have thought were a 3-letter .us domain name,, that went for $751 and a 4-letter .net domain name,, that went for $1,100. It goes to show that 3-letter domain names are valuable, regardless the extension and a 4-letter .net can be very valuable if it ends in an i — which could always stand for inc. or incorporated. Thus, more than likely will be used for a company name one day.

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