and Go on Sale — a very valuable 5-letter domain name is put on firesale at SERP, as every SEO guru on the Internet knows, is an acronym for “search engine results pages.” Google a search on SERP and you’ll find over 2.4 million pages on Google containing the phrase. I’ve launched the auction (click on our Ebay store link on the top right of our home page) with a starting price of only 99 cents. Auctions on Ebay are hit-or-miss. If SEO guru’s are surfing Ebay this domain name could easily top $1,000. Odds are high that they won’t and you’ll be able to pick up — a pronounceable investment grade domain name for a small fraction of this price. This is one of the best domains we’ve put up for sale in a long time.

Also up for auction on eBay (click our Ebay store link) is — a super domain name for PC builders, computer sales, computer rentals, computer hardware sales and auctions, etc. It’s very difficult to find any PC or computer domain name with only 6 letters, and this one’s a dot com. This is a 7-day auction and started at only 99 cents with free transfer.

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