Two 4-Letter Ebay Domain Names Go on Auction

I just launched 2 new Ebay auctions for 4-letter domain names. The auctions are scheduled to begin between 5:15 and 5:35 PST tonight. The two, both great domain names with an eBay theme, are and So how do they have an Ebay theme? Look at the them again. Great acronyms for E Bay Jobs Xchange and E Bay Gifts Xchange. Pretty unforgettable and easy to remember, not to mention the fact that they are rare and valuable 4-letter (or LLLL ) domain names to boot. If you would like to follow these two 5-day auctions, simply login to my eBay store. Just click on the “My Ebay Store” label in the right-side menu column of this website, underneath the “Blogroll” heading

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